5 Things You Didn’t Know About Artificial Turf


As inflation rises and prices continue to skyrocket, many lawn-owning Americans are turning to fake grass for their lawn needs as a way to help save money while also lowering outdoor maintenance work to nearly nothing. Whether it’s for a private homeowner’s lawn, school playground, park, golf course, or other; it’s becoming the latest craze.

Besides the fact that these lawns don’t need mowed or even watered, what you may not know is that a lot of the developed world has already begun the transition towards artificial grass, turf, and lawns in order to help curb the coming global catastrophe of climate change by reducing carbon footprints across the board.

Something else to consider before reading more on these affordable, approachable answers to your landscaping issues is the clean, natural, and overall pleasing aesthetic appeal. Turfs that are artificial don’t have to look like it, and if you choose the right country it won’t be an issue. With a wide variety of colors and styles, you’re definitely going to be able to find something that’s right for you or your business.

While this article isn’t comprehensive, it is a great beginner’s guide to the process. You may not realize it yet, but popular gardens and outdoor venues have been using this type of landscaping for decades, right underneath our very noses, without us noticing a thing! I’d call that a successful product.

Here are a few more facts you may not know:

  1. Film and Television Sets & Professional Outdoor Sports Venues Were First to Utilize Fake Grass

The first fake lawn to be installed was actually on a professional baseball field in Houston, Texas in nineteen sixty-six at the Astrodome, home of the Houston Raiders or something like that, I don’t know I’m not a football guy. Soon after that, it started sprouting up in soccer arenas and football stadiums due to its look and candor.

Continuity is a huge issue when filming scenes for film and television. One aspect they no longer worry about is the greenness and length of grass as most productions utilize artificial turf to preserve the exact look they want for their project. (lighthousedispensary.com)

It’s such a prevalent idea that there’s even an official Synthetic Turf Council! If you go to their website here: https://www.syntheticturfcouncil.org/ you’ll find a wealth of knowledge on the subject as well as a list of programs for owners. It may seem silly to some, but because it’s growing in popularity these guys need a club to join!

2.Plastic Lawns Are Actually More Eco-Friendly

The entire installation and operation of your new grass will save water and our planet at the same time, all while helping your house maintain class and style. The government is becoming steadily more aware of all overt-water hogs that are taking up more than their fair share of the precious, dwindling commodity. Don’t get caught up in high water bills when you wouldn’t have to water these things, at all!

Why, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has even done extensive research and reports on the matter, finding them beneficial for the environment. If you click here it will take you to their conclusive study on the matter. If the government’s private agencies approve of something, it’s definitely worth looking into.

3. Plastic Lawns are Easier for Pet Waste Management and Eliminate Bad Smells from Your Furry Friends

Pet turf is becoming increasingly popular, as long as pet owners are purchasing the right cleaner and have the correct draining system installed beneath their lawn; it makes the whole, easy situation a breeze.

And yes, of course you’ll still have to scoop their poop. It’s not magic, it won’t suck your dog’s brown into the grate beneath the surface. However it makes the process cleaner and more efficient, helping you get along with your day.

4. It is Extremely Easy to Preserve and Maintain

A synthetic grass lawn will also help drain all rain and runoff water directly into the ground, taking a matter of seconds as opposed to minutes to hours like the real thing. This alternative makes it so that standing water creating smells or hotbeds for animal activity are rendered null.

Footsteps and typical weather patterns do little to no damage on plastic grass, unlike the real thing. Your lawn will stay perfectly green and at your preferred length for the entirety of the time you want to keep it, so probably like ten years or something.

5. It Looks More Realistic Than the Real Thing!

It may sound crazy, but in a double-blind taste test, artificial grass outperformed other leading performers in the lawn game by ten-to-one. That’s at least six times as good as the next highest performer! What that means is it looks not only greener than the real thing, but silkier and smoother as well!


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