5 Things You Need To Know About The GM Airbag Recall Lawsuit


This is an article about how the GM Airbag Recall Lawsuit went through and who was involved in it. The plaintiffs filed a claim for a wrongful death that was caused by faulty airbags. They wanted a monetary judgment from GM to compensate their loss and experienced pain, suffering, and mental distress that resulted from the life event. This lawsuit was classified as ‘transitory damages’ because it’s too difficult to prove cases of wrongful death after they’re legally dead. It’s hard to know what will happen, but GM agreed to pay $625 million over five years later on which the plaintiffs dropped their lawsuits..

What is GM Airbag Recall Lawsuit?

GM has issued a recall for its defective airbags, but Consumer Reports advises fleeing GM cars even after the recall. With the recalled cars from GM, it is likely that there could be more lawsuits. When GM recalled 1.3 million Chevrolet, Pontiac, and Saturn vehicles due to faulty computers that improperly inflated airbags in a crash, defective ignition switches which caused them to shut off suddenly without warning, or faulty parts that could cause airbags to inflate too forcefully at speeds below 15 miles per hour.

What is the Impact of This Lawsuit?

This is a very serious issue. The effects of these GM cars will be significant on their customers because they are causing paralysis and death. Although the law can be overwhelming, it must be followed to ensure our safety. People should continue to do their best to minimize the risks.  The effect of the GM recall lawsuit on car safety is not yet known due to a lack of information. However, there is potential for it to be felt in auto insurance premiums. A class-action airbag recall lawsuit was filed against General Motors in 2018. The plaintiffs claim that the ignition switch defect on their Chevrolet Cobalt Isuzu, and Saturn Ion-Bravo has contributed to serious injuries. If you were injured in a crash due to this defect, contact an attorney immediately.

How Does This Lawsuit Affect Me?

GM has recalled 1.34 million cars in the USA since 2007. In February 2018, GM recalled an additional 124,000 cars after being paid more than $100 million from car rental companies to have their customers pay a rental extension fee back in 2017 and 2018.

What would happen if my car was affected by the recall?

If your car is affected, visit your dealership and have it repaired so that it can pass the annual safety inspection. This will be after inspection fees and repair costs are paid for by you. If your car was included in the recall but failed to pass inspection, please contact a GM recall specialist.

Things you need to know about this lawsuit

After a driver faced serious injuries, an investigation concluded that there was a significant chance that faulty airbags caused the victim’s injuries. This finding led to over a thousand more lawsuits being filed to learn about how their injuries were caused by the faulty airbags. General Motors recently launched the largest lawsuit in the history of transportation. The company is now suing hundreds of parents who drove their children to school or played with them and never bothered to turn off the airbags after a crash. 

GM is seeking $680 million from these negligent parents, however, it has been widely criticized by many for its aggressive and audacious approach. This is just another unfair way for GM to get back at consumers; if you were one of these parents running your kids around and then getting into an accident because you forgot to turn off the airbag and let your children play with it and then healing a strong emotional loss because they are no longer here with you then GM isn’t really going after you but it is calling you crazy!


In this blog, I discuss the timeline of the GM Airbag Recall Lawsuit with my final thoughts. This lawsuit is a prime example of frivolous litigation and how it is costing money in our economy. Companies are immediately deterred from developing less faulty airbags and warned against doing so at their risk of being sued by shouldering costs in this process.

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