6 Cool Hats for Men to Wear This Summer

Once more, it’s summer hat season, and everyone is searching for the ideal sun hat to keep cool and shield them from the harsh sun.

While you may adore wearing beanies or floppy hats to protect your hair, doing so in the summertime is like basking in the sun’s warmth while wearing your best winter gear. You shouldn’t do that, and the same goes for wearing a summer hat in the winter. 

You need one of the most fantastic summer hats, which will last you until and after other hat choices are again practical. Finding an appropriate hat from the many possibilities available can be overwhelming.

It will help if you read this article to learn about the summer cool hats for men.

Bucket Hats

Wide-brimmed hats with bucket shapes often have cotton or canvas construction. They were given this moniker because of how tightly they fit around the head, resembling a bucket. Bucket hats gained popularity in the 20th century when golfers and newsboys wore them. 

They are once again in style, and celebrities and fashion enthusiasts now wear them.

Bucket hats are also practical; they shield your face and eyes from the sun, making them ideal for outdoor adventures like hiking or the beach.

Whether you’re dressing casually or to impress, bucket hats can lend a dash of elegance to any ensemble. Select one that appeals to your unique taste in various colors and designs. Bucket hats are a terrific choice if you need a new, affordable accessory.


Wide-brimmed, flat-brimmed hats made of cotton or straw are known as fedoras. They are among the most well-liked men’s dress hats. These big hats with wide brims combine fashion and utility. In addition to being classic headwear, men’s fedoras are a go-to for fashionable men who want to avoid getting into a fashion rut.

Fedoras also serve a practical purpose; unlike many other hat designs, they shield the face and neck from sunlight, wind, rain, and snow.

Straw fedoras for men are ideal for summertime and trips to the beach. Typically, these hats have broader brims to shield you from the sun and breathable seams for keeping you cool in warmer temperatures.

Trucker Hats

In the 1960s, farm supply shops started distributing trucker hats to farmers and other workers as promotional gifts. It immediately became famous for outdoor workers because of its lightweight design and breathability, and they were usually always free.

You can identify a trucker hat as a particular baseball cap with the difference in the fabric and construction. Trucker hats have a foam front that aids in absorbing sweat and moisture and a mesh back that is highly breathable and light. 

On sunny days, the trucker hat’s wide brim shields your eyes from the sun. Additionally, it has a snap-back closure, so it should fit almost everyone.

Baseball Caps

Many people enjoy the stylish look of the baseball cap. The baseball cap has become a fashion statement and a significant element of a baseball game. The caps have a firm front projection and a rounded crown. 

Typically, the front portion of the cap has a pattern or emblem. The back of the cap has a band and a plastic prong-in-hole, a secure zipper, or a tri-glide slider for easy adjustment.

The wool used to make the baseball caps is a single color. Some cap designs use stiffeners sewn on the two front panels to create a reinforced center front with an imprinted logo. 

The sweatbands are made of fabric or thin leather depending on the manufacturer or product. According to the need, baseball caps are in various shapes and materials. It is a stylish hat with practical features that provides the most sun protection possible.


Whether worn casually or formally, the Panama hat adds a touch of sophistication to any summer attire. In addition to offering protection from the sun’s rays and a welcome touch of peculiarity, it gives those sunny days a true sense of style.

The typical Panama hat is a fedora-style hat constructed of creamy toquilla straw with a center dent in the crown that is nipped at the front. It also has a variable-width brim, and they come in various styles, so you must pick one carefully to match the contour of your face.

A broader brim will look good on a huge, round-faced man, and a narrower brim will look good on a smaller person. Pick a hat with a lighter hue or smaller band if your face is round or square. It makes the hat look taller, which will lengthen your facial shape and prevent it from looking squashed by your hat. 

Get comfortable wearing it by trying on a few different styles.

Boater Hats

Sennit, a stiff, flat straw, is frequently used to make straw boaters. Manufacturers use any flat, naturally colored straw. They plait or braid the straw at an angle to create a boater.

The resulting boater will have a flat brim, crown, and a somewhat elliptical form. A grosgrain ribbon in a solid color or pattern usually wraps around the crown of a boater.

You may enjoy your time outside while looking good and protecting your face with a boater. No matter the setting, it is a sunny day affair emblem. It is a versatile hat you may wear on the beach, during trips, on adventures, or even just while out and about in friendly company.

Styling with Summer Hats 

The importance of confidence cannot be overstated when wearing a hat. People will notice you well if you wear a summer hat with confidence.

Whether you like it or not, people may infer a lot about you from the style of your hat. They can quickly judge you based only on the hat you’re sporting. 

For instance, if you’ve got a fedora on, people will perceive you as classy, and if you’re sporting a trucker hat, they will perceive you as laid-back and relaxed. When selecting the ideal summer hat, you want to consider that.

Furthermore, any hat style you wear, ensure it fits your head and face shape to avoid looking awkward.

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