6 Things to Never Do After a Car Accident

In the United States, almost 45 000 people die in car accidents annually. That is not even 1% of the road accidents that occur, and around one out of every 150 of those accidents are fatal. Texas leads this gruesome list with the most car accidents (around 4 000), second only to California with around 3900 fatal accidents. 

The moments following a car accident can be some of the most harrowing that you will ever experience. It takes some time to realize what has happened to you, and if you’re lucky to come out of a wreck with only minor injuries, chances are you won’t know what to do next.

While knowing what to do is crucial, what is more important is what not to do. This article will highlight the top 6 things no one should ever do after a car accident. So, let’s get into it:

  • Not Call 911

Even if nobody is hurt in the accident, don’t neglect to call 911. Insurance companies will still need to establish who was at fault for the accident, and you need a police report for that part.

Their report will include crucial information about the accident, including road and weather conditions, names, and contact details of those involved and witnesses, and they will put together an official detailed account of how the accident happened.

  • Leave The Scene

In many states, leaving the scene of a car accident is a crime. 

That state law requires anyone who has been involved in a car accident where any person or property has been injured or damaged, to immediately stop their vehicle and wait for the police to arrive. 

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If anyone involved in the accident requires medical attention, first responders can assess their condition and dispatch emergency medical teams to assist where necessary. Your legal team will advise what to do next.

  • File A Lawsuit on Your Own

Filing a lawsuit on your own, known as ‘pro se’, is not advisable. A decision like that is risky and could end up costing you more money, either through being blamed for the accident or not getting the settlement you deserve.

Contact a Phoenix Car Accident Law Firm as soon as possible following a car accident. They are legal experts in their field, and they will ensure that you understand the legal process and represent your interests if there are complicated legal claims involved.

  • Get Too Emotional

A car accident can be a shocking experience and leave you feeling anxious and upset. As natural as those emotions are, you mustn’t lose your cool. With everyone’s emotions running high, try to remain calm.

Even if it is clear who is at fault, ensure that everyone involved in the accident gets the help they need – including you if you are injured.

  • Admit Fault

Avoid admitting fault at the scene of the accident or in conversation with your insurance provider afterward. Be honest about what transpired but avoid statements that include blame or liability. 

These things can be used against you by the other people involved in the accident and even your insurance provider. Most insurance companies will try to avoid paying for claims or damages, so tell the truth in a way that doesn’t assign blame.

  • Forget To Document It
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Even though police will conduct a thorough investigation at the scene when they arrive – don’t let that stop you from documenting the details yourself. Take photos, and record the time and date of the accident, as well as the license plate numbers of the vehicles involved.

Take as many photos as possible; they will help prove what happened in court should you file a lawsuit. This information is also crucial for your insurance provider to make their assessment faster, which means you will get paid out quicker.

When documenting the accident, don’t post it all over your social media. As much as you will want to let your friends and family know what happened, posting this information on a public forum can lead to your claim getting minimized or even denied entirely.

To End

Being involved in a car accident can shake you to your core, but there will never be a more important time to remain calm and collected. Accidents happen every day – so instead of panicking about them, follow the above tips to ensure the best outcome possible. 

That way, you can focus on your recovery and return to your normal life, knowing that you did everything you were meant to do.

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