6 Things You Need To Know Before Getting Labradorite Jewelry

Labradorite is a striking stone due to its brilliant shimmer and colors. This gemstone’s bright colors and sparkling sparkle are so unique that the Inuit considered it to be the Northern Lights captured in rocks. Labradorite is a prominent stone in jewelry design. Jewelry designers highly value Labradorite because of its beautiful appearance. In order to meet their jewelry needs, this gemstone is in high demand.


Large labradorite beads refers to high-quality gemstones that have a distinctive radiance and uniqueness. This stone is a darker color, but the underlying luster gives it a dynamic look. Labradorite’s striking structure is the main reason for its remarkable beauty. The gemstone is made up of layers of rock. When light is reflected from these layers, the colors shine brilliantly.

The most common colors include orange, rainbow, brown, and blue. There are many Labradorites without labradorescence. It is difficult to tell the difference, but they are still valuable. It is known for its captivating colors or aventurescence. This refers to the blue or white sheen that stone emits when viewed from different angles.

2.Where can it be found?

Labradorite can be found in metamorphic, sedimentary, and igneous rocks. It is part of the plagioclase-feldspar group. Labrador, Canada, is where this gemstone was first discovered. Madagascar is the most popular place to find this stone. There are many other places where this stone is located worldwide, including Australia, Sri Lanka, and Finland.

Labradorite can be divided into three types.

Rainbow Moonstone This stunning rainbow effect is combined with a blue shimmer is known as a schiller. It is also known as Madagascar stone because of its high quantity.

Spectrolite This name refers to the rainbow-colored spectrum it displays. It’s a well-known mineral and can be found in Finland.

Andesine This Labradorite variety is unique and improved.

3.Colors Of Labradorite

There is some purple, blue, and green labradorite in addition to gray, dark brown, or black labradorite’s primary, intense color. The schiller effect shows a variety of colors, including red, orange, green, blue, yellow, and other shades. Contrary to other colored stones, these gemstones don’t have the same colors as many others. It is the result of light reacting with the mineral’s incompleteness. It would be an excellent choice if you want to add to your Silver gemstone jewelry collection of Labradorite.

4.Clarity and cut

The chances of Labradorites radiating a radiant glow will increase if they are correctly cut and clear. Rock layers form this gemstone. Pay attention to how the cut is done so that a wide range of colors can be seen from the center and front. A beaded cabochon is a common cut for these gemstones. Transparent labradorites are mainly faceted to increase luster. Retailers in 925 sterling silver highly recommend the most popular labradorite shapes, which come in oval, round, marquise, and pears.

5.Ways to wear Labradorite

Labradorite is a good choice for many ornaments. With its striking blue color, Labradorite can refresh your wardrobe. This beautiful creation is an excellent choice if you want color playfulness and a unique look to make your customer’s piece. Labradorite is gorgeous in any metal, but it looks best when set in sterling silver. For a chic, elegant look, sterling silver perfectly complements the bluish hues. This gemstone is available in affordable options that allow you to make significant statements with jewelry such as Labradorite Necklaces or rings.

An elegant pair of earrings is a reliable way to highlight your Labradorite. This will add elegance to your personality, no matter how big or small the pieces are. With their elegant look and shimmer, Labradorite pendants or bracelets are well-suited to setting the mood. For an extra touch of spice, try heavy labradorite earrings. These rings are eye-catching because they come in large sizes, which makes them stand out from the rest.

6. Care and Durability of Labradorite

If properly set, the Labradorite can be durable and strong. It ranks between 6-6.5 and 6.5 on the hardness scale. This Labradorite can be worn every day if it is properly cared for. It is also not fragile, which means it can withstand any breakage, unlike other soft gemstones. Sterling silver earrings and rings provide protection.

Cleaning Labradorite is essential to ensure its longevity and brightness. It is best not to use soap or steam cleaners to clean your stone well. Instead, use a soft brush. If you are concerned about Labradorite storage, it is essential to wrap it in a soft cloth.

This protects the gemstone from dust and other damage. To keep the gemstone’s shine longer, it is better to avoid harsh chemicals, bleach, and detergents. When doing household chores or engaging in physical activities, taking the jewelry off is a good idea.

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