7 Things You Should Immediately Do After a Car Accident

Accidents can happen to anyone, and even if you are careful, you might suffer due to the reckless driving of others. According to data, the United States has around 284 million cars on the road; in terms of road traffic, it is one of the busiest countries. In 2019, approximately 12 million vehicles were involved in an accident. The report suggests that car accidents are serious in high-profile cities like Albany.

When you are involved in an accident in Albany, you might be shocked and confused about what to do next. However, what you do after the accident is crucial if you file for compensation. Car accident victims who suffer from the negligence of others deserve to get the proper compensation; Albany car accident lawyers thoroughly investigate your case, collect evidence and ensure that you get what you deserve. 

Below is all the essential step that you must take after the accident. 

Stop the Car

As soon as the accident happens, immediately stop your car. It might be traumatic; take a deep breath. Also, stopping the vehicle is vital; if you do not stop, it can move the evidence involved in the crash and compromise the police investigation. If you cannot stop the car, hit the emergency brake. Remember that it does not matter whose fault it is; you should never drive away from the accident scene.

Call 911

Even if you believe your injuries are not severe, call 911. In this situation, getting any help can be vital. Even though you might feel good after the accident, some injuries become evident after a few days. Even a minor collision can lead to several spinal or head injuries. You must keep track of the physical injuries as it will help with your claim. 

File a Police Report

Even if there are no severe injuries, it is always a good idea to immediately inform the police. Even if you want to file a claim with your insurance provider for your car damage, you will have to submit the police report.

Document the Scene

You should try to record as much as you can following an accident. Use your phone camera to take pictures, make videos, etc., and also take photos of property damage and skid marks. These details will help your lawyer to build a strong case.

Talk to Your Insurance Provider

When you are involved in a collision, you must inform your insurance provider within 24 hours of the accident. When talking to your insurance agent, ensure you do not admit your fault or take responsibility for the accident. You must only give a written statement after talking to your lawyer first. You must follow the guidelines provided by your insurance provider, such as how you can get the damage estimates.

Exchange Information

Get information from other drivers, such as taking their phone numbers, license plate numbers, addresses, etc. Remember that while doing so, be friendly and cordial. You can talk to the witnesses and take their information too. 

Get a Lawyer’s Help

Your car accident lawyer can review your case, advise you on which steps to take, and provide you with the proper consultation. Every case is different, and an experienced lawyer can help in getting the proper compensation. Also, it is vital to know that in New York, the statute of limitations is three years, so you have to file the case within this time frame. 


Accidents can occur anytime, so knowing what steps to take is vital. Steps such as taking pictures, calling the police, and getting medical help, will put you back on track. If you wish to file for compensation, these steps ensure a strong case. Contact a lawyer as soon as possible to increase your chances of getting justice.  

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