A Detailed Guide On Buying Yamaha FZ In Bangalore

In the Indian two-wheeler market India, Yamaha FZ was first introduced in the year 2008. A decade has passed but Yamaha FZ is fairly popular in the Indian two-wheeler market. The 150 cc engine of the Yamaha FZ was a sought-after choice in the market and when the two-wheeler market of India evolved a 250 cc Yamaha FZ was introduced by its manufacturer. 

There are currently two variations of Yamaha FZ available in the market.

The Yamaha FZ 25 was introduced in 2017 and has a 250 cc BS6 engine (with a standard and S variant). Currently, there are only two types of engine available in the market – 150 cc and 250 cc. The current ex-showroom price of the Yamaha FZ model starts from Rs. 1.48 lakh in Bangalore. In this article, we will try to provide a detailed guide on Yamaha FZ to help you purchase the same from Bangalore.

Specifications of Yamaha FZ 25 (2021)


Specifications Unit
Engine Single-cylinder 249 cc (Air/Oil cooled)
Torque 20.1 Nm @ 6000 RPM
Gearbox 5-Speed
Fuel Type Petrol
Power 20.51 BHP @ 8000 RPM
Fuel Consumption 36-40 km/l
Brakes Front – 282 mm Disc

Rear – 220 mm Disc

Fuel Tank Capacity 14 Liters
Length x Width x Height 2015 mm x 775 mm x 1075 mm
Frame Diamond Chassis
Tyres Front – 100/80/17

Rear – 140/80/17 

Seat Height 795 mm
Suspension Front – Telescopic Forks

Rear – Linked type monocross

Wheelbase 1360 mm
Kerb weight 153 Kgs


When it comes to the switchgear of Yamaha FZ, the quality is good enough. The right side of the switchgear is closely packed. Both the engine starter button and engine kill switch are available on the right side. The left unit of Yamaha FZ has a brand new button through which you can easily interchange between the headlamp mode and the DRL mode. There is also an indicator switch, horn button and high-low beam switch on the left side of the switchgear.


Although Yamaha FZ has to go through the BS6 emission norms, nevertheless, the current power figure of Yamaha FZ is similar to the BS4 model. Powered by the same 249 cc, single-cylinder, air/oil-cooled engine the Yamaha FZ is capable of 20.51 BHP at 8000 RPM and 20.1 Nm of torque at 6000 RPM. The mid range of Yamaha FZ is quite excellent whereas the top end is a little bit flat. 

Yamaha FZ has a 5-speed gearbox which provides effortless gear shifts every time, whereas the bike is fairly easy to control. The maximum speed of this motorcycle is 130 km/hr and you can go from 0 to 100 km/hr within 10.63 seconds. The fuel economy of Yamaha FZ is 40 km/l which is excellent by itself. More importantly, with a 14 liter and 250 cc air/oil-cooled engine, Yamaha FZ is one of the most fuel-efficient bikes in the Indian two-wheeler market. 


In terms of style Yamaha FZ resembles a street-fighter model along with aggressive slashes, whetted lines and a bold front. Over the years, the front part of the bike remained the same nevertheless, the recent models of Yamaha FZ come with LED projectors as well as a headlamp with daytime LEDs. This particular style has been taken from MT-15. 

In the standard Yamaha FZ model, there is a new belly pan and it has only two color options – black and blue. On the other hand, the S variant of Yamaha FZ comes with three different color options – matte white, patina green and matte blue. You will also come across a knuckle guard and smoked visor in the S variant. 

As mentioned earlier, Yamaha made changes only in the front part of the bike and the rest of the parts and designs remained unchanged. This new front design has been introduced to provide more aggressiveness. Not to mention, these changes in design have made the Yamaha FZ more captivating than earlier versions.

Yamaha FZ is one of the most comfortable bikes that has a 250 cc BS6 single-cylinder engine.


The Yamaha FZ has been designed and manufactured to provide pleasant riding experiences. The footpegs of Yamaha FZ are set to the center and riding posture is also standard. The height of the seat is 795 mm which makes it easier to move around. 

All the other features are comfortably accessible from the seat while you can also enjoy both short and long rides on Yamaha FZ. The handlebar of this two-wheeler model is light and comfortable to use. Although the side mirrors are not too wide, you can get enough view while riding. The seat of the rider also has enough space and comfort. Overall, Yamaha FZ is the appropriate choice for anyone who is looking for a convenient ride.

Instrument cluster

The instrument cluster of Yamaha FZ BS6 resembles the BS4 model. The negative LCD that you will receive in the BS6 version is conspicuous even during bright daylight. However, the 2021 Yamaha FZ does not have Bluetooth connectivity and lacks some essential features such as service reminder, position indicator of gear, rance, etc. Although the elementary data you will receive during the ride is helpful enough. 

Riding Dynamics 

In the front Yamaha FZ has a telescopic suspension whereas in the rear it has a monocross setup. Combining hard and soft, this setup offers the best of both worlds. The diamond frame chassis of Yamaha FZ is assonant and if you are riding on a bad road then Yamaha FZ will provide you with proper support which can make your journey smoother. With 153 kg weight, Yamaha FZ is fairly light and can be effectively maneuvered.

To conclude

The current market price of a brand new Yamaha FZ is pretty high so not everyone can afford it. Nevertheless, you can purchase a second hand Yamaha FZ at an affordable price directly from trusted online platforms such as Beepkart. It is an online second hand bike selling platform where you can get good quality used bikes at an affordable price. To get your hands on a used Yamaha FZ you can check out this online platform today.

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