A Detailed Guide to Top Hats

Guide to Top Hats

Even though there are other various types of hats in the market, the top hats are undoubtedly one of the most famous options. Apart from the cowboy hats, the top hats are the only fashion accessory loved by both men and women.  However, choosing the perfect top hat is not an easy process. Not only the shape of your head, but also consider your skin tone and purpose of use to choose the perfect top hat. Many people make mistakes while purchasing the top hats because they have less knowledge regarding the functionality, effectiveness, and other essential details regarding the top hats with Guide to Top Hats. Make sure you read the article to the end to know everything about the top hats. with Guide to Top Hats-

Consider the Perfect Fit for the Top Hats- Guide to Top Hats

It doesn’t matter how attractive and high-quality top hats you purchase, if the fitting or size is irrelevant, it won’t look good on your head. Not to mention, the top hat won’t enhance your fashion statement as it will look funny. Therefore, you need to remember a couple of things to purchase top hats of the right size. Additionally, following the size chart and measuring the top hat will help you achieve the best results. 

  • Use a tape measure and place opt around your head to know the size of your head. Make sure you take measurements half an inch above your ears. As per Ehow, metallic tape measures are durable.
  • Take measurements in inches or centimeters. After taking the correct measurement, use it to find the perfect size for your top hat. 
  • When the size of the hat is perfect, it will sit comfortably half an inch above your ears. This way the hat won’t be tilted to the back or side. 

What are the Styles of the Top Hat?

The height and shape of the silk that is used in the top hat have been evolved for the past couple of years. Nowadays, the design of the top hats features a taller crown as well as a narrower brim. One of the most common antique silk shapes of the top hats is bell-shape. The sides of this silk are slightly curved. However, you can also choose a stove pipe that has straight sides and is taller. 

The shape you choose for your top hat is completely dependent on your personal preference. For instance, if you have a smaller head, you need to choose a top hat that has a lower crown so that everything can be kept in proportion. (getzonedup.com) Make sure you choose a top hat from the American hat company to receive the best size

What is the Difference between Modern and Antique Top Hats?

The antique top hats are famous due to their sense of traditionalism. These top hats are made of precious silk plush as well as a long nap. This is why the appearance of the antique top hats is polished and attractive. However, the availability of antique top hats is decreasing as the looms that are being used in the manufacturing process are no longer available. This is why the production has also creased. 

Nowadays, manufacturers are creating modern top hats that include silk imitation Melusine. This is one type of special long felt that is one of the best alternatives to the original silk. (weddingful.com) Top hats made of this silk have a polished finish. On the other hand, the popularity of Fur Felt Top Hat is increasing as they are made of 100% fur felt. 

Do’s and Don’ts of the Top Hats

Just because you’ve purchased an attractive top hat doesn’t mean you need to neglect the other options. Here are some things you need to follow after purchasing the top hats.

  • Don’t customize your top hats. If you want to purchase royal and traditional top hats and have access to royal outfits, make sure the dress code is showcasing a gentleman vibe. Don’t wear the top hats without colored ribbons. 
  • Don’t let the top hat sit on its head. While placing the top hat on a flat surface, make sure you put the hat down upright. If you don’t place the brim on the table, it might cause damages. This maintains not only the condition integrity of the hats but also protects them from various damages. However, placing the hat down upright will undoubtedly minimize the effects of damage. 
  • Don’t use a radiator to dry your top hats. If you’ve been exposed to rain and your top hat has become wet, make sure you dry the hats in the natural environment. Even though the process is time-consuming, you don’t need to worry about damages being caused to your top hat. Do not apply direct heat as the process will affect the shape and color of the hat. 
  • Once you’ve purchased a high-quality top hat, don’t neglect the maintenance process. If you take proper care of your tap hats, they will undoubtedly last for years. Therefore, make sure you clean your hats from time to time. This way you can retain the original color and glossiness of the hats. 


Keep in mind that top hats are one of the best fashion investments. Therefore, you need to take precautions to protect it from various damages. Do you need high-quality top hats? Contact us today and read Guide to Top Hats. 

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