All you need to know about Hyperbaric Chambers

Hyperbaric Chambers are devices designed to help users inhale pure oxygen in a compressed environment. These equipment are not medical devices. Rather, they are devices designed under strict technological specifications to achieve oxygen healing power. Oxyhelp Hyperbaric chambers are flexible and safer for home use. They are currently the safest products on the market and are guaranteed to deliver quality results. These incredible devices are made in the E.U. and not China, as many think. Although they’re designed in E.U., the components are made in Japan, Germany, the USA, and Spain. And what’s more interesting is that chambers come with a technician to help you set up your therapy chamber. Additionally, the technician will train you on how to use the device properly.      

The history of Hyperbaric Chambers 

Therapeutic use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) resurfaced in the 1940s when the United States Navy employed it for treating decompression sickness in deep sea divers. Its popularity increased, leading to its application in the 1960s for treating carbon monoxide poisoning.. Today, Hyperbaric Chambers alleviates decompression problems and other conditions, including carbon monoxide poisoning, cyanide poisoning, crush injuries, gas gangrene, acute conditions, skin crafts, and more.    

Types of Hyperbaric Chambers

Based on accommodation, there are two types of Hyperbaric chambers, including:  

Monoplace chamber 

A monoplace chamber is a one-person chamber. It is an AMRI-like scanner and is made of aluminium. The user enters the chamber and inhales 95% pure oxygen. 

Multiplace chamber 

The Multiplace chambers  accommodates more than one person. The chamber works similarly to the monoplace chamber. Based on material’s consistency, there are also two types of Hyperbaric chambers, including:

Hard-shell hyperbaric chambers 

We often inhale up to 21% oxygen at sea level. Hard-shell hyperbaric chambers use high pressure to help the body avoid the normal oxygen distribution method. This boosts oxygen supply to cells by nearly 20 times the usual amount, allowing you to reap the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen chambers. 

Soft-shell oxygen chambers 

Soft-shell chamber boosts oxygen intake by up to 26% more than normal, as they cannot achieve enough pressure to provide significant benefits. We don’t consider inflatable bag hyperbaric therapy as they cannot deliver enough healing pressure. 

Today, most organizations and practitioners using soft-shell chambers encourages scientific research. The research is based on true clinical hyperbaric findings done in FDA-certified chambers.

How Oxyhelp Hyperbaric Chambers work

Both monoplace and multiplace chambers deliver similar benefits and results. The air pressure in the room is nearly two times the usual. The high pressure creates a fullness feeling in your ears, similar to what you’ll feel in an elevation. The feeling can be relieved by yawning or swallowing. The blood transports extra oxygen throughout the body and supplies it to the injured tissues that require more oxygen to heal.  

In most instances, hyperbaric oxygen may last for two hours. During the session, your health care team will keep their eyes on you and the therapy unit. After the session, you’ll be a bit lightheaded. You may also experience mild side effects such as claustrophobia, fatigue, and headaches. Therefore, you may need someone to escort you home after the healing session.     

Benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy

 Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is consistently gaining popularity, and it’s easy to know why. According to a recent finding, the protocol can benefit users in the following ways:  

Promotes wound healing 

The protocol brings oxygen-rich tissues that require more oxygen. Often, wound-related injuries damage the blood vessels. In turn, these vessels leak fluids into the tissues, leading to swelling. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy prevents this swelling by supplying the tissues with enough oxygen. Due to high pressure in the chamber, the blood carries a high amount of oxygen throughout the body. The protocol aims to break the swelling cycle, oxygen deficiency, and tissue death. 

Improves body performance in sporting activities

Oxygen intake at a higher atmospheric pressure accelerates rec9overy time to relieve sports injuries, allowing the injured athlete to heal faster and prevent further injury. The therapy increases the oxygen level in the plasma and hemoglobin. This allows oxygen to flow to the suppressed blood vessels.  

It’s an anti-aging 

HBOT enhances collagen growth to repair the skin while smoothing the wrinkles. The chambers contain pure oxygen (95% pure), which facilitates collagen production as it regrows blood vessels for perfect blood flow and slow aging signs. 

The best anti-aging solution helps you feel as good while improving your beauty. HBOT supplies your muscles, joints, bones, and nerves with sufficient oxygen to promote the regeneration of blood tissues and vessels. In most instances, aging is accompanied by memory loss and declined brain functions. Hyperbaric therapy rejuvenates brain cells and blood vessels within the brain to improve mental clarity. Additionally, it improves focus, attention, and timely reactions. In other words, hyperbaric oxygen therapy gives users a younger appearance and sharpens their minds.  

Prevents reperfusion injury

Reperfusion injury is a severe tissue condition that occurs when the blood supply goes back to the tissues with oxygen deficiency. The interruption of blood flow by injury can lead to several processes in the damaged cells, releasing harmful radicals. These molecules often damage the blood tissues. Sadly, the damages are irreversible. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy promotes the oxygen radical scavengers in the body to eliminate these harmful molecules, which encourages the healing process.     

It prevents the potential damage caused by harmful bacteria 

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy blocks the toxins of various bacteria. It increases the oxygen level in the tissue, making it resistant to infections. Additionally, it improves the effectiveness of the white blood cells. 

The bottom line 

Hyperbaric chambers are essential devices designed to prevent various conditions. The therapy session allows you to breathe pure oxygen to speed up healing. Although the protocol is shown to deliver great results, the results may vary across different users. The shipment comes with a technician to help you set up your hyperbaric chamber and use it properly. So you don’t have to worry about any complex procedures. 

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