Allen Ludden Net Worth

Allen Ludden Net Worth

TV presenter, actor, and comedian Allen Ludden was a household name in the United States. Ludden started as a radio broadcaster after being born on October 5, 1917, in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. He became famous for hosting the game programs “Password” and “Password Plus,” which he created. He also worked as an actor, making guest appearances in many movies and TV series. A successful three-decade entertainment career allowed Ludden to amass a sizeable fortune. The question of Allen Ludden net worth is a hot topic.

Allen Ludden Net Worth

Having served in the United States, armed forces made Allen Ludden qualified for government aid. His writing of novels that became bestsellers also contributed to his financial stability. Yet acting was still his primary source of income and livelihood. In addition, as of January 2023, Allen Ludden Net Worth is $4.5 million. Likewise, he and his family had lived a lavish and carefree existence.

The Beginnings of Life and Education

Allen’s parents were homemakers; his dad sold ice while his mom cared for the house and kids. His father had died from the Spanish flu, which had become a global pandemic the year after his birth. Allen changed his name to reflect his stepfather’s when his mother remarried an electrical engineer when he was five years old. After being married, Allen and his new wife traveled a little, so he spent time in Waupaca, Janesville, Antigo, and Elkhorn before settling in Texas.

Allen Ludden Net Worth

After high school, he continued his study in Texas, enrolling at the University of Texas to pursue a degree in English, which he ultimately earned in 1940. In terms of student body size, this school is among the top in the state and boasts many influential alums. After finishing his undergraduate degree, he got a Master’s in English and enlisted in the United States Army.


Simply put, Allen Ludden was the officer in command of shows in the Pacific Theater. At the beginning of his military career, Allen Ludden served in the US Army. In 1946, he received an honorable release from the military with the rank of captain, marking the end of his time in uniform. Ludden also served as a youth consultant for adolescent periodicals and radio stations in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

Along with it, he started hosting game programs, including “The Joker’s Wild,” “GE College Bowl,” and “Password.” In an identical vein, he presided over many incarnations of ‘Password,’ including ‘Password Plus.’ In addition, he hosted the discussion program “Allen Ludden’s Gallery” and appeared as a panelist on “The Gong Show.” Hence, he was also a writer of many novels and books.

In 1964, he also published an album of his singing, titled “Allen Ludden Sings His Favorite Songs.” Hence, he started making appearances in plays and other forms of performing. Apart from his regular job, Ludden also dabbled in acting.


Their three children were born over the 18 years that Allen married Margaret McGloin, beginning in 1943. McGloin died of cancer in 1961, only a few weeks after the couple celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary. The following year, while filming “Critic’s Choice,” he began dating actress Betty White. He had to propose to her twice before she said yes; they were both previously divorced. In 1963, they tied the knot and stayed together until his death.

White has not remarried since her first marriage ended in divorce, and she reiterated in an interview with Larry King that she has no interest in dating since she is already married to the greatest. An artificial lake in his birthplace and a pathway at the Los Angeles Zoo bears his name in honor of the man.

Allen Ludden Net Worth

In addition, White memorialized himself by donating a dog called Ludden to Guide Dogs for the Blind. White also gave many of his items to the Free Public Library of his city. These items include letters and screenplays he wrote, photos of him, newspaper articles about him, and even a damaged pair of his horn-rimmed spectacles.

Real Property

Betty and Allen Ludden spent $170,000 in 1978 for a plot of land in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, that was untouched by development. Afterward, they built a four-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bathroom mansion with a panoramic ocean view spanned 3,700 square feet. It took construction workers an entire decade to finish the skyscraper in 1981. All too soon, Allen passed away only days after they settled in. For the remainder of her life, Betty was the only property owner.

Final Circumstances of Allen Ludden’s Death

By living a healthy lifestyle, we may extend our lifespan. Yet given the nature of their jobs and schedules, this can only apply to some. As we reach a certain age, our bodies start to itch more than they used to. Therefore we must maintain good health.

People pass away for many preventable reasons, including natural causes, accidents, intentional harm, etc. It’s alarming that even young toddlers may get many illnesses nowadays.

Recently, there have been a lot of celebrity deaths, and they’ve all had different causes. Iconic American TV host Allen Ludden is one of them. Successful and well-known, he entered the world on October 5, 1917.


When did Betty White and Allen Ludden get married?


In 1961, when Betty was a guest on Allen’s game program, Password, the two met for the first time on set. Two years after the first meeting, the pair married the marriage in 1963. Ludden died in 1981 of stomach cancer after Betty and Allen had been married for 18 years.

How many times Allen Ludden tried to propose to Betty White?

After two failed marriages, she found love again in 1961 when she participated in Allen Ludden’s game program Password. Although they were over heels in love, White was afraid to be married again. After two failed attempts, Ludden’s wife-to-be, White, said “yes” in the Pop Sugar story.

Where did Allen Ludden’s bequest go?

Ludden updated his will many times in the months leading up to his death, leaving significant sums to White, his brother Frank, and his children David and Sarah.

Final Thoughts

Allen Ludden was a top-rated game show presenter and TV personality whose career spanned three decades. He amassed a fortune over his life and profession, around $4.5 million at his death. His fame skyrocketed during his runs on “Password” and “Password Plus,” although he was already well-known thanks to his cinema and theatrical roles. His fame will last forever, and be remembered as one of television’s all-time greats.


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