Why Amanda Ahola Says Plastic Surgery Is Better Than Sex

Amanda Ahola

Amanda Ahola is a Finnish woman who claims that plastic surgery is better than having sex. She has a crazy goal to look like a real-life sex doll and better it every day. Her obsession is literally killing her but she doesn’t seem to stop.

Who is Amanda Ahola?

Amanda Ahola is a 22-year-old who claims to be a real-life Barbie and went through her first surgery when she was 18. So far, she has undergone three boob jobs that have risked her life. Amanda is a webcam model who has spent thousands of dollars on fillers, nose job, Botox, and many other surgeries to make her look like a plastic doll.

Amanda was invited to the reality series by E! called ‘Botched’. Here, the model exclaimed why she is ready to go through cosmetic surgeries even if that’s risking her life. While introducing herself, she said that she is Amanda from Finland who was almost on the verge of dying due to plastic surgery. Her aim is to be a real-life sex doll because she feels every womanly feature can be perfectly exaggerated. Here, she also said that plastic surgery is better than having sex.

Plastic surgeries done by Amanda Ahola

The model first learned all about plastic surgery at the age of eight. From that point, she decided her destiny and wanted to enhance her beauty.

Amanda didn’t do her surgeries in Finland but traveled overseas for expensive treatments. When she was 18, she went to Estonia for her first boob job. Getting her first implants made her happier than ever but they weren’t as big as she wanted them to be.

Her boobs were only apparent to her after the second surgery. By then surgery was an addiction that was making her happy. Amanda spent $20,000 for her breast implants, $5,000 for her nose job, and thousands more for Botox and lip fillers.

Why Amanda says plastic surgery is better than sex

Amanda Ahola also revealed that she has a sugar daddy who paid for her third breast implant. This made her size go from a natural B cup to 30GG. Talking further about her sugar daddy to The Daily Mail, she said she met him on Instagram but wasn’t very keen on. The man asked her if he could get her something she wanted and she asked for bigger boobs! Surprisingly, they had not met in person while all this was happening – it was all over the phone and video calls.

Amanda said if someone is willing to pay for my surgeries or my bills, and not keep any physical relationship, she is fine with it. However, her latest boob augmentation process was almost going to take her life.

The surgery was successful but Amanda faced a reaction to the anesthetics and suffered from a seizure. She was admitted in the ICU and went into a coma for many days. When she got her senses back, the doctors told her that it was the anesthesia that created havoc.

The model was close to dying but that doesn’t stop her from wanting more implants. Even after being in a coma, the model had gone to surgeons for more surgeries. She doesn’t regret what happened as it was her choice and consequences. However, she was sad to know that she is not recommended to have any more surgeries as it can kill her.

Should you have plastic surgery?

Instagram influences many of us, but is it worth risking your life? We cannot judge the mindset that made Amanda Ahola go through surgeries that could almost kill her. But when it comes to ourselves, we can be more mature and think about our health over everything.

Every now-and-then we find out about some celebrity who underwent plastic surgeries. Although it is pretty common in the world of glamor, it isn’t the best thing to do to your body. Find out the pros and cons to know if such an activity is worth risking your life:


  • Cosmetic surgery improves one’s appearance and enhances superficially
  • A person can become more confident about their body after a surgery
  • You don’t always need a massive change to bring in a difference in your body
  • It makes people feel positive about themselves and boosts them in terms of their appearance
  • It is not only about the surgery but how attitudes change after the transformation
  • Makes people feel accepted and cut down on inferiority complexes


  • A person can feel less confident after producing a ‘fake version’ of themselves after a surgery
  • Many people realize that the change is not natural and that makes them feel more inferior than before
  • They start wondering if people will like them the same way as before or not
  • Cosmetic surgery deals with aesthetics so you’re never sure how it makes you happy mentally or emotionally
  • The most common problem of plastic surgery is the complications you suffer. It might not be as fatal as it was for Amanda Ahola but can still be dangerous

There is no right or wrong that someone else can decide for you when it comes to plastic surgery. It is a personal choice that determines the results too. Many people exclaim how a surgery changed their lives for the better, while some have the opposite to say.

In reality, people who truly love you and care for you will have nothing to do with how you look. But how you want to look and feel about yourself is up to you. (fragster.com) Plastic surgery will not make you popular for good reasons. It is just a way you please yourself or the beauty paradigm you set.

Final thoughts

There is nothing wrong in wanting a long list of followers on Instagram that makes you an influencer. But there are many healthy, effective, and credible ways to do so. Harming your own body that is the most precious gift you have to yourself is just putting you in trouble. Talent, hard work, and skill can take people a long way. It is smarter to be fit and healthy instead of undergoing harmful and superficial cosmetic surgeries.

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