Are you a nerd or a loser?


Some people say you have to study hard to be successful. Others argue that the most successful people are former losers. Others deny that many creators and rebels do not fit into the narrow confines of school.

We believe that the truth is exactly in the middle. You can sometimes hire someone to write a paper instead of you and give up a slack. Any grades at school will not guarantee success in the future, but neither will completely level the learning process and leads to a goal. And this is easily proven by recalling famous underachievers and top scorers.

Famous underachievers

Albert Einstein

It’s hard to believe, but the famous scientist did not excel at school. Parents even feared that the child was underdeveloped. In Munich Gymnasium, the future scientist often argued with teachers and failed in most subjects as a result, he did not get his school leaving certificate. Einstein didn’t get into the Technical High School until his second attempt. University professors also did not believe that the student had a scientific future. Einstein declared: “I was quartered by my professors, who did not like me because of my independence and closed my path to science. But talent made its way – Einstein became the founder of modern theoretical physics.

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison once said: “I was able to become an inventor because I did not do well in school.” He was a poor student of the law, too. He did not listen to his teachers, looked around, and was constantly distracted and thinking about his things. Teachers scolded him, ridiculed him, and even called him an idiot. The future inventor’s mother was a very wise woman. She took the child out of school and taught him herself. This proved to be the right decision – at home, Thomas discovered his talents. He read a lot and was constantly inventing and experimenting. It was these qualities: a sharp mind, an interest in the world around him, and a habit of dropping everything for the sake of a new interesting idea that made him a great inventor. ( During his lifetime Edison received more than 4000 patents and gave the world a lot of inventions.

The nerdy students

Natalie Portman

It makes sense to see honors students among scientists. But the acting profession is often chosen by people who had trouble learning in school. Almost half of Hollywood actors admit they were failures or were dyslexic in their childhood. Natalie Portman is a pleasant exception. She became an international celebrity at the age of 13. Other teenage girls in this situation would have given up interest in learning altogether. But not Natalie! She managed to combine learning to shoot and get good grades. At school, the actress was even called a “nerd”. After school, Portman went to Harvard Psychology Department and successfully graduated from it. During her studies, she wrote scientific articles and refused the curious roles. But she never regretted it. “I don’t worry if college ruins my career. I’d rather be educated than a movie star,” the actress declared.

Emma Watson

Made famous for her role as the wizard Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films, and many wonder how the star studied at school. The filming of the actress was not before the study, but after it, all the same, set out to close the gaps in knowledge, began to study hard, and “catch up” with all the missed stuff. The celebrity studied at Brown University and Oxford. She combines education with filming. Watson does not rule out that someday she will have to stop her acting career, so it is not unreasonable to get a profession

Maria Curie

The future Nobel Prize winner took her studies not just seriously but fanatically. During her studies, she forgot to sleep and rest which undermined her health. There were difficulties in continuing her studies. In the Russian Empire women were not given higher education, and the girl had no money for a trip abroad. So she agreed with her sister that they would take turns studying. At first, she went to Paris to study medicine, while Maria worked as a governess to ensure her sister’s education. Then the girls switched roles: the sister worked and Maria studied at the Sorbonne. In addition, Maria received a scholarship for Polish students. But money was still scarce. She saved on everything: food, clothes, accommodation. And sometimes she simply forgot to eat, sleep, and even fainted from hunger. In the future, she would show the same kind of fanaticism in her scientific work. And it is this fanaticism that will lead her to success.

Don’t criticize and listen to your child’s needs

Being parents is a boundless joy and a wonderful experience for every couple, but it is not easy work either. Sometimes we ask ourselves, how can I help my child behave? Or am I treating my child right? Every profession has its ups and downs, and this profession is not exempt.

A healthy parent-child relationship is crucial because it affects the whole course of life. So listen to your child’s needs. This is a special benefit for parents. Try to have unique monologues with your child and engage in dialogue. Listen carefully to what the child is saying, so you will understand her fears, desires and doubts. This may help to calm her down. Make it a rule to take an interest in what your child is doing. In this way, the child can trust you to tell you about their problems. It is important for children to know that they can share their feelings, opinions, thoughts, experiences and failures – and that they will be respected and supported without scrutiny or criticism. This is why it is important to have a meeting and an activity so that the child can share in it.

Psychologists believe that it is not essential to be a nerd to become a successful person.  In any way, if you need some trouble with homework, there are the best writing services in one place. And remember, that each person follows different paths to success, but both nerd and dumb can get there.

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