Are You Interested in Homeland Security? Get Your Degree Online!

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Have you been thinking about going back to school and getting a degree? Are you interested in pursuing a career in Homeland Security? You should look into how you can get your associates in Homeland Security online.

What Does Homeland Security Do?

The word homeland as about the United States means the security of the United States. Homeland Security, also known as DHS is a branch of the Federal Government that works to protect the United States from threats from within or outside the Americas.

The DHS has many branches, such as overseeing flight security, emergency response, border control, and cybersecurity. Homeland Security works to prevent terrorism, enhance security within the United States, and control the borders.

What is the Difference Between National Security and DHS?

The NSA and DHS are structured differently, have different origins, have a different focus, and are structured differently.

The DHS started in 2002 and is about 50 years younger than the NSA. There are well-over 200,000 employees of the DHS. The DHS centralizes multiple agencies under this one department. There are over 20 government agencies under the DHS. These departments include:

  • United States Coast Guard
  • United States Customs and Border Protection
  • The United States Secret Service
  • United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE
  • National Cybersecurity and Communications Center, DHS and NSA work together in this department
  • Domestic Nuclear Detection Office
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA

Who Works in DHS?

Regular citizens of the United States who have advanced educational credits take such positions open with DHS. Jobs such as border patrol agents, FBI agents, Secret Service agents, people within communities, and businesses, ensuring the safety and security of the infrastructure of the United States. The people working for the Departedment of Homeland Security have been educated in counterterrorism, customs, cybersecurity, and border security.

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Why Would Someone Be Interested in a Career in DHS? 

Those likely interested in a job with DHS know,

  • Pay is great
  • Offers promotions
  • Offer excellent benefits
  • Offer valuable job experience
  • Offer superior training opportunities
  • Amazing career opportunities
  • Must be highly skilled and talented
  • Learn the highest security technologies
  • Training for the response to natural disasters, terrorist attacks and assaults, and the analysis of documents and reports

Benefits of Taking Online Classes

You soon discover that online learning through accredited colleges and universities are more flexible and convenient. The online course you decide on should be approved and able to transfer your credits. Find out if your college or university moves credits before you sign up for your online degree.

Taking classes online allows you to continue to work and maintain a full-time job. Online courses will not interfere with family-time and events because there is no commuting to and from classes.

Online education courses now offer a variety of classes and programs. The options are comprehensive for students who want a career with the DHS. Online courses now offer you a wide range of academic degrees, from certificates to doctorate degrees.

A college education is expensive. However, online courses offering college degrees to get your associates in Homeland Security are more affordable. You save money on transportation costs. Many of the tools needed to take some online courses are free of charge.

Online classes are done daily from the comfort of home, an ideal way to earn your online degree. You do not have to get dressed to go to class. Wear your pajamas; it makes no difference. All online work is done electronically. You do not have to drive anywhere and fight traffic, drive in the dark, or miss work.

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You may find that your ability to concentrate is more significant at home. If you are a person who does not like one on one participation in a classroom setting, then an online course may be the way to learn more comfortably.

A Final Note

By getting your associates in Homeland Security, you will show potential employers your determination and devotion to something you are passionate about doing. Taking on the challenges of going back to school and taking online classes shows you are ambitious and want to succeed in your new career field.

Taking online education towards a degree means that you need to be well-versed in computer technologies. You must learn various programs, how to share and create information networks, how to listen to and respond to video classes, and more. Online education offers you more computer learning skills.

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