Are you Planning to Compete in a Bodybuilding Competition? Here’s All You Need to Know

Bodybuilding competition is not about puffing muscles and posing. But those things come later. First, you’ll need to complete the grueling preparations. It takes long-term planning, and you’ll need to execute them perfectly for about 16 weeks from the competition. It can be overwhelming if you’re not used to this kind of lifestyle. All of the world only watches the body you’ve carved out, but behind the scenes, you need to plan every step carefully to get to that ripped and dense body. You should care about everything – from the type of food you eat to the research on which laser hair removal machine to use to prepare your body for the competition, as there are many requirements. You’ll have to consider your body type and your response to particular diets and training, and then you have to concoct an efficient and healthy regimen that’ll take you to the top of the competition.

  1. The Food

You have to become one with your diet. It will be a part of your soul. You need to go in-depth about everything. To achieve this mastery, you need a plan that you can rely upon. That plan will be personalized for you, and you’ll follow it to the tee. Start with tracking every bite of food that’s consumed. You need to do it like your life’s on the line. There are no error margins when competing in a bodybuilding competition. Cut down all kinds of seasoning and condiments 4 weeks out of the competition. When it gets to 3, cut down on dairy products and eggs. Then, just 2 weeks out, start the sodium cycling and follow it to the final day (in the last week, you’ll need to go from 3500 mg. per day to 800 mg. before the final day). Cutting down sodium gradually will lower the water level under the skin. For proteins, you can consider chicken breasts, tuna boiled in water, lean beef, whey proteins, etc. For carbs, the best options are leafy vegetables, brown rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, etc. And you can consider fish oil or flax oil for healthy fats. Ramp up the protein intake by 40% when it’s just four weeks from the competition. Proteins are essential for muscles. To maintain carbs, continue fat-burning exercises and maintain glycogen levels. Fats provide the mass in your body, keep testosterone levels in check, and don’t allow your body to go into starvation mode.

  1. The training

Everyone needs a different training routine to get the best out of them. But it has to be a good mix of low-intensity exercises and full-on high-flying lifting and all. It’s done to maintain the muscle but also protects you from severe injuries. Lock in the training regimen early, and don’t tinker with it too much, especially at the fag end nearing the competition. Take any weight you can manage for 6-8 reps in the first go, then another 6-8 reps in the second go, and finally 3 reps to end it. Practice posing between the training sets. You’ll know where you should put more attention, and you’ll see the progress in front of your own eyes. At the end of each set, do 3 sets of stomach vacuums. It will give you a better waistline and will definitely increase your body aesthetic.

  1. The care your body needs

The best diet plans are always anabolic. Don’t miss your meals, and make the meals frequently throughout the day. The most common practice for bodybuilders is to eat every 2-3 hours.

Don’t ever get to a point where you’re feeling starved because all it means is that you’re having a deficit of calories or you’ve taken too much time between meals. Either/both can lead to muscle loss. But, of course, there’s an exception to this rule, and that’s the last week where you need to reign in your eating to reduce sodium and carb levels. To make your body even more attractive, consider laser hair removal service. Get the tan on for that perfect look as well. Use a base and a bronzer for the best results. If you want a bit more sheen, you can choose oil too. Pose in front of an audience. Of course, friends and family will do, but the best option is a fellow bodybuilder who can identify if there’s anything wrong. To retain muscle mass, burn fat, and keep a healthy body, you need to sleep well too. Also, never go crazy with cardio, which can cause muscle loss if done to an extreme point. Instead, keep the workouts intense, always. Do everything to get in the mood, and do it as you mean it.

  1. The Supplements

Other than standard whey proteins, you can consider fat burners like MAN Scorch, San Tight, Nutrex Lipo 6, etc. You can add sesathin to reduce the calories but without any kind of muscle loss and regulate your fat level. But cut it down 1 week out of the competition, as it can make the muscles look flat. Another great addition is green tea, which strengthens your metabolism, burns fat naturally, and builds up your immunity.


Bodybuilding isn’t a show-off. It’s a lifestyle; it’s taking the proverb ‘your body is a shrine to the optimum level. So, to compete in a bodybuilding contest, you’ll need to get serious and meticulously plan each step along the way. These four departments are the most significant aspects of the process, and you need to nail these in order to have a shot at glory.

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