Are You Planning Your Next Big Event? Why a Carnival is a Perfect Idea

Whether you are organising your kid’s birthday party, a  corporate family day for your company, or simply a big day of fun, you are probably thinking about a theme for your event – something that will bring all the different aspects together into one cohesive whole. While there are plenty of themes to choose from, one theme always tops the list: a carnival theme. The beauty of such a theme is that all the elements are easy to plan because, let’s face it – almost everyone has an idea of what a carnival looks like and what it has. And more importantly, do you know anyone who doesn’t like carnivals or fairgrounds? Even if someone doesn’t like the rides, they can always just play games or amuse themselves by watching everyone else have fun. There’s something in it for everyone, regardless of age or gender. So are you planning your next event? Here’s why a carnival is a perfect idea. 

  • It will bring your attendees/guests together 

There’s nothing like it – it has the energy of a high-octane event combined with the relaxing, casual atmosphere everyone is craving. You can sit on a park bench, sipping drinks, while your kids are playing in an inflatable castle or being whirled around be a rollercoaster. Or you and your loved ones can ride on the Ferris wheel together or have fun trying crazy games like the strongman game or trying your best to hook a duck. 

Since a carnival will often be filled with rides and attractions, there’s something for everyone, and no one will get bored. That’s why carnivals or funfairs are ideal as community events or as the setting for corporate family fun days. But there’s another advantage of carnivals and fairgrounds you may not be aware of: it encourages movement. Rather than being stuck in one corner or staying in one seat the whole time, you will be forced to move around – so it’s a great way to be active, too (even just for a day). 

  • You have the perfect opportunity to bond with people 

If you are looking for an opportunity to bond with your team or bring your family closer, you can take advantage of a carnival event. Team-building exercises and sit-down dinners are boring compared to a day at a fairground or carnival. Moreover, these events are a great way to discuss matters because you or your team won’t feel any pressure as the atmosphere is casual and carefree. 

As a funfair hire provider like We Are Tricycle can attest, a carnival atmosphere encourages partnerships and forges allies, especially if your team works together to beat another team at those famous side stalls and games. It’s all in the name of fun, anyway, and you can enjoy some friendly competition that will bring you closer to each other. 

  • You can create fond memories 

Everyone who spends time at carnivals and fairgrounds knows they are creating fond memories. Instead of the usual corporate conference or a business seminar, or another been-there-done-that birthday party, everyone will remember the carnival or fairground event as a truly fun and memorable time. It offers great memories that everyone will look fondly on and forges an even stronger bond with your loved ones, friends, or colleagues. 

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