Best Tips To Clean Your Swimming Pool

X Best Tips To Clean Your Swimming Pool

Your pool can get dirty and gross, and sometimes, it’s best to clean it before it gets worse.  Here are some key cleaning tips for your swimming pool that you’ll want to make sure that you follow.

Make sure you Have a Telescopic Pole

This is called the Swiss army pool cleaning tool for a reason, and that’s because you can pretty much attach whatever you need to on this, whether it be skimmer nets, vacuum heads, nets, brushes, or whatever you need. You should get the 8 foot one to extend and let you clean the walls whenever you need it.

With this, you should also make sure that you skim and scrub all sides of the pool. This prevents the algae from building up, and this doesn’t need to be done a lot, but usually, every other week can help you keep your place looking great.  If you have a sock that’s used that you can fill the area up with some chlorine, putting it there to sit before you scrub it will help immensely, because it eats the algae that are there, and you’ll be able to use the socks for something else other than sitting around and getting gross. it’s a win, right?

Clean your filter

There are a lot of benefits to having a pool. Pools can also be very expensive, so it is important to take care of your investment and not let it go to waste. One way you can keep your pool clean is by using a pool cover and patio enclosures. This will help prevent debris from getting in the pool and falling on the floor, as well as keeping out bugs, animals, pesticides, leaves, and more. This will protect your furniture from getting wet in harsh weather conditions and reduce the chance of insects flying into your home through open windows or doors.

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Clean your filter

Seriously, if nothing else, clean out the filter. they’re the equivalent of the kidneys of the pool, and they’re responsible for taking out the impurities. This is cleaned usually though by turning the filter off, taking off the filter cap, and removing the debris in the basket, doing this at least once a week.  You also should clean out the pipes that are utilized with this via backwashing, and from there, you simply let it backwash itself, and it will eject the water from the pipe that is the waste one.  You shouldn’t do this too often though since it can cause issues with the mechanics as well.

Keep Your Chemicals Consistent

Make sure that your chemical levels are kept consistent. If it’s not properly balanced, you’re going to have gross water that looks murky, irritates the eyes and skin, and it can make your pool a place where bacteria will breed and fester, which is never good.  You should always make sure that you test the water at least once a week, and make sure that you keep the pH of the water in the right place, and always make sure that you have chlorine in there so that it can kill the germs that are in the pool.

You can test this easily by testing a few of the different pieces of the pool that are there.  And it’s a good way to improve the pool’s water.  You can test the solution and from there, provide the chemicals.  you’ll be able to change the water, and from there, choose what you’re doing with this so that you can figure out what you need to do in order to balance it all.

Use Baking soda AS an Alternative

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If you haven’t already, use baking soda as an alternative to chemicals if needed.  You can test the alkalinity of the water without reducing your PH levels in the pool.  Overpriced solutions don’t have to be the solution, but instead, you can actually use baking soda, and in turn, you’ll be able to choose how much of the concentrate you need in the water, and in turn, you’ll be able to provide a better, more immersive solution to the results that you have there, and you’ll be able to, with all of this, create a better and healthier pool that doesn’t need chemicals as well.

Shock when You Need to

Some people believe that shocking is only used with public pools, but if you have a big party, you’ve probably seen a lot of murkiness in the pool. What is that? Well, that’s bacteria that need to leave almost immediately. Shocking is essentially raising the chlorine levels for a small period of time to much higher levels in order to kill the bacteria that are there. From there, you sanitize and slowly pour it out into the return area of the line, filtering this through the pool area itself, and from there refill it.  It is definitely something that you should do twice a season, but too much will actually ruin the siding of the pool.

There are lots of reasons why pools Perth cares about making sure you’ve got clean water in your pool. The right water will make it worth going into, and by cleaning this effectively, you’ll be able to, without too much trouble, create the best pool that you can have, and one that you’ll love to continue to use.  Remember, it is an investment, so make sure that you take care of it.

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