Brooke Burns Net Worth

Brooke Burns Net Worth

A film, television, and modelling veteran, Brooke Burns is a household name in her field. Her successful career has allowed her to accumulate a sizeable net worth. In this post, we’ll talk about Brooke Burns net worth and how she’s been so successful in her work.

Brooke Burns net worth

Brooke Burns has a net worth of around $3 million. Her lengthy career as an actress and fashion model is the primary source of her wealth.

Brooke Burns Net Worth

As a fashion model, Brooke brings in more than $50,000 annually. Her salary is mainly attributable to her starring role in Baywatch. She also drove a $50,000 BMW 530d M Sports, part of the 5 Series lineup.


Brooke and her two sisters were born to Brad and Betsy Burns, devout Christians who raised her in the oil industry while her dad periodically served in ministry. Since she was three years old, she had dreamed of being a professional ballet dancer.

Her intentions, however, were put on hold when she injured her anterior cruciate ligament in a skiing accident. At 16, after having hopes dashed of becoming a dancer, she relocated to Europe with her family. Brooke began her career as a model and singer with many different agencies in Milan, Paris, and Munich before beginning her career as an actor and presenter. Her academic background and objectives have yet to be discovered.

TV Host

After making her television debut in the late ’90s, Brooke Burns became a household name. In 1995–1996, she made her television debut as Peg on the adolescent comedy Out of the Blue. From 1998 to 2001, Burns starred as Jessie Owens in the American action drama Baywatch. Like David Hasselhoff, Pamela Anderson, and Alexandra Paul, she appeared in the series. Burns was the NBC game show Dog Eat Dog presenter from June 2002 to June 2003. She was also considered for a Teen Choice Award for her excellent work on the program. She played Kathy Dinkle on Pepper Dennis on the WB in 2006.

Brooke Burns Net Worth

In addition to her role as Nicole Booth on North Shore, Burn is also well-known for her portrayal as Jennifer Cullen in The Most Wonderful Time of the Year and Abby Morgan in Borderline Murder. In addition, she and British TV personality Mark Labbett were nominated for an Emmy in 2016 for their work as hosts of the GSN game program The Chase. Motor City Masters, Community, Mom, and Holiday Connection are just a few of her recent works.

Career in Film

Burns first appeared on screen as Ugly Katrina in the romantic comedy Shallow Hal in 2001. The film received mixed reviews from critics. Later, in Single White Female 2: The Psycho, she played Jan Lambert. She has also been in Titanic II, Where Hope Grows, and Urban Decay.

Endorsements of Brands

Throughout the years, Brooke has diversified her income by endorsing various products, most notably appearing in a memorable 2001 OnStar ad that included Batman.

Earnings From Outside Activities

Brooke Burns has added a few thousand dollars to her riches by modelling in addition to what she has made as an actor and game show presenter. TV Guide, Playboy, Stuff, and Maxim were just a few fashion publications covering her. Brooke might have made a fortune from these photo sessions.

Charity Work

Former ballerina Brooke Burns tries to spread more kindness via her celebrity. Involvement in charitable work fills her with joy and a sense of accomplishment. Burns works with many nonprofits to increase support for various topics and spread information about them.

Brooke Burns, who played TV’s Jessica “Jessie” Owens, helped with Camp Baywatch throughout the show’s run. And she didn’t only teach swimming to youngsters in the city. Burns also contributes to the Life Rolling On Foundation, which supports those with spinal cord injuries in leading regular lives again.


Burns sustained a near-paralyzing fractured neck in a pool accident in 2006. Hence, she actively promotes the rights of people with spinal cord injuries.

In addition, Burns met with an automobile accident in Los Angeles in May 2014. She was driving her BMW when a Toyota Matrix rear-ended her near Universal Studios. Thankfully, neither Burns nor the other guy in the vehicle was hurt. However, burns probably got auto insurance on her vehicle. Hence, she might have used the car insurance’s auto liability coverage to assist in paying for the repairs to her automobile.

Honours and accomplishments of Brooke Burns

Over her career, Brooke has been honoured with many honours and nominations. A Teen Choice Award nomination was submitted for her in 2003. In 2016, she was nominated for an Emmy as the best host of a game show. She also enjoys great fame and popularity, and her social media following reflects this.

Personal life

Having tied the knot with actor Julian McMahon in 1999, Brooke is now the proud mother of a girl. They split two years after Madison was born, proving that their marriage was doomed from the start. Soon after, rumours circulated that she was dating actors like Brian Quintana, James Wilder, and Steven Bing. She was engaged to Bruce Willis for a year beginning in 2003, but they broke up the following year.

She started dating movie director and producer Gavin O’Connor in 2011, and the two were hitched on June 22, 2013. They had a daughter in 2017 and called her Declan Welles O’Connor.

The couple is still very much together, as seen by the many images of them posted on various social media platforms.


What led to the replacement of Brooke Burns on The Chase?

Only the show’s cancellation in 2015 may explain Brooke Burns’s departure from The Chase. The actress and veteran, game show presenter has had a lot on her plate, but she has never publicly explained why she decided not to return to ABC’s The Chase. IMDb claims that she has hosted both Home & Family and MasterMinds (both on GSN).

What is Brooke Burns doing now?

Since then, Burns has been involved with the organization as a co-chair for a fundraising event. She also utilizes her celebrity status to support efforts to find a cure for spinal cord injuries. She adds, “I wish to enhance public awareness of spinal cord injuries by conducting interviews and assisting with fundraisers.”

Who is the father of Brooke’s child?

In Season 8, after learning the devastating news that she couldn’t have children, Brooke and Julian were married. Later in the season, however, Brooke unexpectedly gave birth to twins Davis and Jude Baker.

Why did Brooke Burns stop working for Baywatch?

After joining the cast of the first Baywatch in 1998, Burns appeared in the sequel, Baywatch: Hawaii, before leaving the program for the birth of her first child. After that, she made 33 separate appearances. Burns returned to television after a break in Dallas, Texas, United States.

Final thoughts

The size of Brooke Burns net worth reflects her fame as a model, actor, and TV host. Through her ability and perseverance, she has become a well-known performer and amassed a sizeable fortune. In addition, she has set an example for other actresses and models who want to succeed in the entertainment world.


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