Buying Gift Hampers Online – A Handy Checklist

During birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Easter holidays, and other special occasions, it is customary for people to buy gifts for their loved ones. The gifts can be simple and inexpensive, or they can be expensive gifts, such as high-end smartphones and computers among other things. The type of gift to buy depends on a variety of factors, including a budget, relationship with the recipient, type of occasion, and personal preferences among other things. It is possible to combine a couple of thoughtful, but inexpensive gifts, in a gift hamper and send them to the intended recipient. When planning to get a gift hamper, there are several things you have to take into consideration. This will help to ensure that your hamper will be well-received. Below is a handy checklist to guide you when buying hampers online:

1. Type of Hamper

In any gift hamper, there is usually the main product. This can be a wine bottle, cake, electronic device, apparel, or something else. That is why you’ll find names such as “wine gift hamper”, “birthday gift hamper”, “Christmas gift hamper”, Halloween gift hamper”, “Wedding gift hamper”, and the like. These names give you a hint of what the hamper contains. Therefore, when buying a hamper, be sure to pay attention to the name of the hamper before you start checking its contents. 

2. Contents

A gift hamper contains several items, so you must check the contents of a hamper before you decide to make a decision. By checking the contents of a hamper, you will be able to decide whether or not it’s the right hamper for you. If you’re looking at a birthday gift hamper for your dad, for instance, you may want to confirm that the hamper has at least a six-pack of your dad’s favorite beer. There must also be some pastries, snacks, and other confectionaries to accompany the beer. This type of hamper is the perfect gift for a match day because you can keep your dad company as you enjoy a much-awaited match. 

3. Quantity

The size of the hamper and the items it contains are key factors of consideration. You want to get the best value for money, so you have to look for a hamper that contains a lot of gifts. For instance, if buying a fruit hamper, make sure there is a wide range of fruits in the hamper. The fruits should also be large, and they must be numerous in quantity. Similarly, if you’re ordering a birthday gift hamper, be sure to pay attention to the weight of the cake. 

4. Packaging

Before you order a gift hamper, you must check the type of packaging provided. A well-wrapped gift box is perfect for packaging and presenting gifts. However, you may want to consider choosing a gift basket. Most online gift shops have a variety of options, so consumers can make a choice based on their preferences. Please note that there are also different types of gift baskets, so be sure to do a little bit of research to identify the types of baskets a vendor has. It is important to note that your choice of packaging may affect the final cost of the hamper. 

5. Pricing

Many gift shops exist online, and they all quote different prices for their gifts, gift hampers, and gift baskets. That is why consumers must always shop around to identify the right vendor. The prices quoted for the different types of hampers must be compared to identify the most affordable vendor. Since shipping will add to the cost of purchasing a hamper, be sure to also compare shipping fees. Some vendors may quote a reasonable price for the gift, but impose an exorbitant shipping fee, so you have to be careful when doing the cost comparison.

When looking for a suitable hamper, your budget will serve as a guide because you want to find a gift hamper that can fit into your budget. It is never a good idea to go over budget unless the gift hamper contains items the recipient requires to improve the quality of their life. For instance, going over budget to buy a motorized wheelchair for a parent is worth it. However, going over budget to buy your child an expensive toy on their birthday should be given a second thought. 

6. Shipping Address

When buying goods online, you have to provide the vendor with the shipping address. Where do you want the gift hamper sent? Do you want it sent to your home or the recipient’s address? These are questions you must ponder before confirming your order. If you think you will get a better reaction if you deliver the hamper in person, you can provide your home address. If you are not able to deliver the item in person, or the recipient is located far away, you should provide the home address of the intended recipient.

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