Can bikers wear a regular leather vest instead of leather biker vest?

regular leather vest

When talking about safety on motorcycle, leather biker vest is best gadget for the protection of your body. But the question is can we get the protection by regular leather vest as we get from men’s motorcycle vest? There are few factors of leather biker vest that gives us extra protection. Some of them are thickness of leather biker vest, double and strong stitching of mens leather vest and armor in men’s motorcycle vest which keep your body parts safe. The leather vest with these factors is best a leather biker vest and regular leather vest is not suitable for this purpose because it is just for style and level of warmth for the body. To get information about more differences read further.

Thickness of leather biker vest

All leather vest is not same because they have different thickness and flexibility. The thickness of leather biker vest which is best for biker is 1.0 to 1.6 mm. The leather vest we use on daily basis is not good on motorcycle at all because its thickness is very less to protect the body in any crash. Mostly regular wear leather vest has thickness of 0.7mm.

The leather biker vest with suitable thickness provides you enough protection against any crash. You also feel relaxed in it and also able to move your body parts in any direction. The thickness of leather biker vest matters a lot for your safety during riding on road.

Leather is best material for you when you are on road but leather biker vest should be thick. It is also important for its durability.

A leather biker vest with 2.5 mm thickness can be very uncomfortable for you and you will not be able to move your body. It will also very hard to ride in this thickness of leather biker vest, so 1.0 and 1.6-mm thickness is best for it.

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Double seams of mens leather vest for more protection

Seam is a part in the clothing where two or more layers of fabric are folded and stitched together. It is very important for the mens leather vest to have strong seams. As a chain is much stronger than a weakest link, so same thing is concerned about a mens leather vest which you want to wear on motorcycle.

If the seams of the mens leather vest are weak it is not at all safety gadget for you on bike. You don’t want that if by chance you have an accident the seams of your vest are pop open. You can avoid if by having double stitching on seams of your mens leather vest.

The brands which manufacture the mens leather vest must focus on the stitching of seams. Double stitching makes the joints of vest much stronger. The best motorcycle mens leather vest have strong stitching so it is used during ride to make sure your safety during any crash. If you want that your regular vest, go as mens leather vest on bike you should ask tailor for double stitching on seams but it is much better to purchase a specific mens leather vest for bike.

Armor in men’s motorcycle vest

Armor is wore by motorcyclists for protection. Your bones can be protected much in any accident by wearing it. The armor is contained in shoulders, back and chest part of men’s motorcycle vest. It can protect your bones in these parts of body.  Men’s motorcycle vest with armor is a great safety gadget for a biker.

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A leather vest that is designed for daily use doesn’t contain armor, so it is not safe for you to wear it on motorcycle. But in case you want to convert your regular vest to men’s motorcycle vest, you can ask tailor to add armor to it and sew it. In this way your regular vest can turn into men’s motorcycle vest.

Another solution to use your regular vest as a men’s motorcycle vest is that you can put on wear body armor and put on your leather vest over it. It will tightly grip on your armor and it not move. Beside all these buying a men’s motorcycle vest is best option for your safety on road.


This was detailed answer of the question that can you use regular leather vest as a leather biker vest. Wearing regular vest as men’s motorcycle vest is not safe at all. Only a particular leather biker vest has such qualities to protect you from any harm. But there are few techniques to use your daily wear leather vest as men’s motorcycle vest. You can add armor in your vest and wear it as safety gadget. The strong stitching is also very important for mens leather vest so you can ask tailor for double stitching on seams of your vest. But to become a professional biker you should buy a specific leather biker vest.

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