Choose Brilliant Gemstones for This Festive Season


The festive season is upon us, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a beautiful, glittering piece of gemstone jewelry. Be it a pendant or an earring, all you need is a little creativity and some gemstones that are just right for you.

Gemstones have a lot of different uses in fashion, but they’re especially well-suited to holiday wear. They’re cheerful, festive, and beautiful—ideal for picking out an outfit that speaks to you this season. Celebrate the beauty of gemstones and the power of light—to enjoy your new piece for years to come.

There are tons of options out there—and we mean TONS. But some gems are more versatile than others and will work for many different occasions. Whether you’re looking for something classic or trendy, here’s how to choose the perfect gemstone for this festive season: 

Work Around Your Style

The first step is to choose a gemstone that complements your personality. You don’t want something too bold or too subtle—you want something that makes you feel like yourself. A good place to start is by checking out our list of popular gemstones and finding out which ones speak to you: maybe it’s turquoise or tourmaline or amethyst. 

Once you’ve found the right gemstone, take some time to think about how it will look in real life: where would it best fit on your finger? Would it work better as part of a stack or alone? Can you imagine wearing it with other rings or bracelets? Does it feel right for your taste in jewelry? 

Choose Your Color

Consider what kind of color you want! If you want something bright and bold but still neutral enough to pair with other colors, look into amethyst or citrine. If you want something softer and more subtle, go with pearls or opals.

Gemstones have been used as adornments in jewelry and other accessories since ancient times, and their meanings are endless. They can be used to represent various things, including love, friendship, strength, and beauty. And the color of a gemstone represents these properties with mystical charm and beauty.


For example, Blue Sapphire represents energy, mental clarity, and healing while rubies are symbolic of passion, love, and wealth.

Next, choose a setting that matches its vibrancy and style. Gemstones are often paired with metals such as gold or silver—they provide depth and richness without being too heavy or flashy themselves.

Go For a Perfect Cut

A gemstone that has been cut poorly or unevenly may not look good on your jewelry, but it may also break or chip easily if you wear them often. The cut of the stone should be symmetrical, with no flaws in its shape or coloration. It should also have a clear reflection when held up against another clear surface such as water or glass.

A well-cut stone has both clarity and polish, while an unevenly cut stone usually has one or more facets that are not clear or polished enough for them to shine brightly without being visible through other facets. Clarity refers to how smooth the facets of your chosen gemstone are, while polish means how shiny they are and how reflective they are. 

Choose a Carat Size

Carat is used to measure a gemstone’s standard weight. Since larger stones are rare, they are often pricier than the smaller varieties. If you want to pick the best one for this festive season, anything above 0.5 carats will be a great choice. However, when making an impact is your goal, pick a gemstone above one carat for your jewelry.

Remember though, higher the carat weight, more will be the stone’s price. 

Buy from a Trusted Place

Lastly, buy your gemstone from a store that has a stellar reputation and offers a wide variety to choose from. The festive collections at leading stores speak volumes of the sellers’ commitment to quality and service. With guaranteed quality, in most cases, you can expect a free lab certification proving the stone’s authenticity, clarity, and origin. 

For a shimmery style, choose a gemstone brooch with pave-set diamonds surrounding a large stone. And if you wish to go subtle, choose an emerald or blue sapphire set in sterling silver or platinum for your ring, earrings, or pendant. 

The festivities are all about glimmer, shine, and elegance. Celebrate your every occasion with a gemstone that signifies its beauty and invest wisely. 

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