Colin Kaepernick Wife

Colin Kaepernick Wife


If you are famous, you can never run away from the eyes of the camera. You are destined to confront it now and then. Colin Kaepernick wife details are currently being inquired about by the general public, and people want to make sure that they are well informed regarding all the aspects of the life of their favorite personalities.

As we have witnessed in the past, the only sectors that can gain more attention are the entertainment and the sports sector. The lives of the people in these sectors are always the prime concern of the general public, and people want to ensure that they do not miss anything regarding these celebrities.

Thus if we go through the detail, we will come to know that with the increase in the number of the famed people now, the demand of the public is also increasing with every passing day. In this article, you will get all the details regarding Colin Kaepernick wife.

Colin Kaepernick Wife

In the past, people only used to ask about the details of famous personalities. Now with the passage of time, the details of the people associated with famous personalities are also the prime concern of the general public. This is why it is of the job of the researchers have become tougher.

Who is the wife of the famous star

If we talk about the details of Colin Kaepernick wife, then we will come to know that currently, all that we know about her is her name that is Antonella Roccuzzo. Other than that, there is not much that we can relay to the public.

The personal profile

If we go through the profile of the young star player, we will know that the real name is Colin Rand Kaepernick. If we talk about his profession, we will know that he is a famous NFL player who has been extraordinary in the field. Below we have mentioned some of the personal details of the star for the enhancement of your knowledge:

The timeline of the birth of the children

The birth details

If we start with the birth details, we will know that the star opened his eyes in the modern world on November 3rd, 1987. Thus, today, the age of the young player is 34 years. The date of birth also helps us in getting an idea regarding the zodiac sign of the star that is Scorpio. According to the available records birthplace of the star player is Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. This is also the reason why he is recorded as an American citizen. (

The physical profile

The height of the star player

Now let us move on to the physical profile of the young player. Thus we will come to know that the height of the young star player is standing at the mark of 6 feet and 4.5 inches. This is an amazing height, and you do not see such figures now and then. Also, if we switch the scales, we will know that Colin Kaepernick is 194 cm tall, which is an appreciable characteristic.

The weight of the star player

If we move on to the second most important detail, we will know that the star player’s weight is recorded as 104 kg or 230 pounds. This value is not certified and is subjected to changes in the future.

Some prized information regarding the physical profile of the star player

The body measurements have always been the favorite part of the physical profile of famous personalities. The biceps, waist, and chest measurements are 41, 86, and 117 cm, respectively. Other than that, we also got our hands on the details regarding the fact that the star player has Black hair and Brown eyes. He has the shoe size 13 according to US standards.

The family details

If you think you can become anything without your family, then you are totally wrong because this is not the case. The family is always the support you need once you desperately need someone on your side. The family members will always care for you regardless of their benefits. This is why studying such details is also very important. According to the available details, he was born in a Christian family.

The names of the parents of the star player 

If we look, we will come to know that the name of the father of the famous star plyer is Rick Kaepernick. Also, moving on to his mother’s name, we will know that it is Teresa Kaepernick.

The siblings of Colin

A family is never complete until or unless we discuss the details of the siblings of the person in question. Thus if we talk about Colin Kaepernick’s siblings, we will know that he has a brother and a sister too. The names are mentioned below for the enhancement of your knowledge:

  • Kyle Kaepernick
  • Devon Kaepernick

Colin’s Married life

The wife details 

The relationship life of famous personalities is always a detail that is discussed very passionately by the fans of famous stars. Thus, if we look, we will come to know that the star player Colin Kaepernick is a married person. The name of the wife is Antonella Roccuzzo.

The three sons

Colin Kaepernick is a lucky man, the reason being that he is blessed with there sons. The names of the sons of the star player are mentioned below for the enhancement of your knowledge;

  • Thiago Messi
  • Mateo
  • Ciro

The timeline of the birth of the children

The elder Thiago was born on November 2nd, 2012. Whereas Mateo was born in 2015, and Ciro, the last son, was born in 2018. According to the available information, the star player has no daughter.

The rumors of relation with Nessa Diab

It was recently observed that there are several rumors that will help you understand that the star player is also in a relationship with Nessa Diab. This detail is yet to be confirmed, but many details are available regarding the famous star’s relation. (Xanax)

The lack of information

Although the profile of the star is extremely complex and gathering the desired information takes a huge effort, there are also several blank spaces that need to be filled to keep the fans updated.

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Colin Kaepernick wife has not been discussed earlier on any platforms, and other than her name, we do not have much information to go. We hope that in the future, the profile of the star will be updated with more information regarding his personal and romantic life.

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