Diamonds vs Sapphires: Which is Better as a Gem?

Diamonds vs Sapphires

An engagement ring can prove a lot in the coming marriage of a couple. So choosing the gem to be set in the ring is a crucial option that needs to be thought of.

Different gems have different meanings and symbols. This is why you should know better before setting things in stone.

In this article, we will look at two of the most famous stones used in unique engagement rings in Vancouver: diamonds vs sapphires.

Diamonds are well known and almost anyone on the street will know what they are and how much they cost. But isn’t it the thought and not the cost counts?

These precious gems symbolize love. They symbolize an eternal commitment to one another. Along those lines, diamonds also symbolized timelessness. No diamond becomes dull nor do they wear out. These gems retain their shine and sparkle and will add value over time.

Diamonds also symbolize wealth and royalty. If a husband-to-be wants to make his fiancee feel like a queen, a diamond is the gem to pick. 

In ancient Egypt, diamonds were used to denote eternity. Thus it signified both love and eternity when set as gems on engagement rings. These combinations make for a unique and awe-inspiring engagement ring.

A sapphire, on the other hand, is not one to be left out of the choices for a unique engagement ring.

It was worn by royalties like Princess Diana and Kate Middleton. So, as far as a would-be bride is concerned, this would no less make her feel like a princess being ushered in as a queen.

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Although sapphires come in different colors, these are well-known to have a royal blue color.

Sapphires symbolize faithfulness and sincerity. It owes that symbol to it’s 9 out of 10 rate on the Moh’s Scale. ( This means it won’t easily scratch and its excellent hardness.

Having this on your engagement ring will not only make you feel loved and appreciated, it will also make you the envy of the crowd having a royal-colored engagement ring.

Diamonds and sapphires both have a sturdy feature and will not dull or wear out even if worn every day.

They make for unique engagement rings Vancouver produces for anyone who will wear them. If you’re in the Vancouver area, make sure to stop by your favorite jeweller and ask for the option for a diamond or a sapphire for your engagement ring. Or if you’re up to it, get a combination of both for the most unique engagement ring in your area.

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