Differences Between Casinos in Japan and USA

Casinos in Japan

Casinos, especially online ones, are becoming more and more popular each day. However, not every country has legalized online gambling. Considering harsh laws and frequent changes in governmental thoughts, it is not always possible to track what is happening with online casinos on the market. However, we do have some good news. We have created a thorough comparison between online casinos that are available in Japan and in the United States.

Frankly speaking, both countries truly love games. And here we’re not only talking about gambling or betting. Nevertheless, there are major differences between Japan and the United States when it comes to gambling. Those differences deal with legalization, availability, the popularity of the sport, and even game libraries.

However, rest assured, we have compared every important element in this article. Enjoy!

Online Casinos

For those who are yet to play social or online casinos, we want to explain to you a little bit more about how you can find one and what are the advantages of digital casinos. Online casinos or オンラインカジノ 日本 are usually easily accessed through either computer or your mobile phone. There are dozens of websites and even mobile applications that allow you to play poker, slot machines, and other similar games online. This is a very convenient method, especially considering the events of the recent pandemic. Now more and more people try to do it as much as possible using digital platforms and the online world.

We cannot with all confidence say that traditional or real-life casinos will disappear. However, who wants to exit their home in order to go to some random casino if they can do all the research online. Truly, having the possibility to research from the comfort of your own home is one of the greatest advantages online casinos have. 

Here is a quick list of other things you might want to know about online casinos: 

  • Available for smartphones
  • Don’t require special equipment
  • Subject to availability depending on your country and state
  • Favored by professionals because there are no distractions
  • Casinos offer different payment methods, that include online wallets
  • You can easily use cryptocurrency like bitcoin
  • You don’t need to have cash
  • Budget is much easier to control when playing online


Now it is time to come to the first point of our article. It is natural that availability will differ depending on the country you’re from. Besides, some countries do not even allow gambling, especially when it comes to traditional slot machines or online casinos. Therefore, there is a huge difference between Japan and the United States when it comes to the availability of online casinos. 

If you start searching for a good online gambling platform through your browser, you’ll find that the majority of results will be from the United States. It might be sad, but Japan does not offer as much of a choice when it comes to online casinos. You will not encounter as many Japanese websites as you do American ones. 

Besides, the majority of them will be in English. We didn’t want to put language as a huge difference between America and Japan. Nevertheless, it does play its part for users who do not know either Japanese or English. 


Everyone knows the famous Sin City or Las Vegas. Moreover, such states as Florida and the city of Miami are practically known for being top destinations for gambling. They invite millions of tourists and United States citizens to gamble on a daily basis. Therefore, availability there, as well as popularity, is much higher.

With that said, Japan and Japanese citizens do love games. However, the legalization of gambling is a touchy subject for local governments. They continue introducing new bills that allow more and more different forms of gambling. Still, not every single Gambling activity is currently allowed.

It is challenging to judge the popularity of the games if some of them are practically illegal. Nevertheless, it is more clear that the United States definitely wins when it comes to the popularity of online slots. Mainly, their popularity has to do with an abundance of choice and what this country has to offer when it comes to gambling. 

Game Library

The game library is also closely connected with popularity and availability. As Japanese websites are struggling to legalize online slots or get licensing, their American competitors have much more opportunities to do so. When you open an American website, you will see that it is full of different slot machines. They offer everything from poker, to live sports betting, to even VR slot machines. Everything you would want, they probably have.

The game library of Japanese providers is not as broad. Laws about gambling change rather rapidly in Japan. Therefore, no one really can predict what the government will decide to do with online slots in the future. It is challenging to work when you don’t know the future or the loss. As a consequence, game libraries can be less diverse when it comes to Japan. 

We will indulge ourselves in a little bit of speculation. Considering how Japan grows when it comes to the digital world, once all these casinos are fully legalized, we are sure that Japan will offer abundant game libraries. After all, it is a dream of many slot developers in Japan. 

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are quite a few differences when it comes to online gambling in Japan and in the United States. There are some rather understandable differences that include language. However, these differences will also influence the availability of slots. It is not hard to see that when you’re searching for online casinos, you will more likely see American websites and not Japanese ones. 

We would say that the popularity of gambling is almost equal in the United States and Japan. Still, the United States has much more lax laws when it comes to gambling, specifically in such states like Florida and Nevada. Therefore, popularity, availability, and even game libraries are still more vibrant in the United States.

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