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New York City is a great place to live because of the number of opportunities you can find here. However, there are a few things which you will need to understand if you really want to make the best.

One of the things that you need to have expert-level knowledge is the credit score and credit history. This becomes essential as even if you are a migrant, you still need a good credit score, a good one, to survive here without any hurdles. You can look for the best credit repair company in NYC and not understand each and everything to increase your credit score.

Still, understanding how insurance companies in NYC use credit score information may come in handy more than you know. The impact of your credit score on the insurance policy and its premium rates should be clear and this is what you will gain after reading this article.

This is why, here, we are going to shed light on this topic. This article includes a number of different factors that you will see that the insurance companies are using. Knowledge is power, so if you are going to get an insurance plan, go there with knowledge in your mind.

1. Risk Assessment

Insurance companies can’t just pay you insurance money after, say, an accident or a theft. Risk assessment is one the most crucial part of their process. When they check the credit history of the person who is taking the insurance, it is actually confirming that the person is financially stable and responsible.

All of this leads to checking the likelihood whether the person will claim insurance or not. The probability is reviewed, and your risk profile is created.

2. Credit-Based Insurance Scores

The insurance companies use a unique and special scoring model to calculate the credit-based insurance score. This score takes into consideration your necessary credit related factors. For instance, your payment history, debt that is still outstanding, and even the length of your credit history become factors influencing this score.

This is basically calculating the risk assessment of the person taking the insurance.

3. Impact on Premiums

Insurance companies especially consider this factor. The thing is, if the credit-based insurance score is lower, you may have to get higher insurance premiums. The opposite is true as well. It means a higher credit-based insurance score means lower insurance premiums.

The reason for this outcome is the likeliness of filing claims. In case of lower scores, the likelihood of filing claims increases and vice versa.

4. State Regulations

The good news is the personal financial factor is not the one that the NYC state law and regulation wants to be included. Instead, New York City regulates the use of credit-based insurance scores so that the risk and related factors are the primary factors in calculating it. So, the higher the risk, the higher the insurance premium, and vice versa.

5. Notification and Transparency

As a policyholder, you have the right to request your credit information and check for discrepancies. If you find those, you can also open disputes. This is where transparency comes in.

In addition to the above, insurance companies are required to share information as to what credit data they will use and how they are finalizing the premium rates. The explanation will help the policyholder, potential or existing, to make sure that they are making the right decision.

6. Improving Your Credit-Based Insurance Score

Another thing that you need to understand and comprehend is that if the credit-based insurance score and its impact on your premium is concerning, you can go for improving it; the credit history, that is.

But for this to happen, you will need to:

  • Pay your bills on time
  • Reduce your outstanding debt as soon as possible
  • Use your credit sensibly and maturely

You can also use the help of credit unions to improve your credit score and, in turn, your credit history.

However, there is something that you should also know: don’t expect to see an increase in your credit score as soon as you do the above. It will take time to show your good score in your credit history and also in your insurance premium rates. This is because the insurer will review the policies at the renewal.


Insurance companies are undoubtedly using your credit score information and credit history details when deciding the premium rates. It is essential that you know what and how much information or data these companies use and how you can use this knowledge to reduce the rates and so on.

The credit-based insurance scores are just one of the many factors that influence insurance and its premium rates. Make sure that you are always informed before taking the next step. It will always be helpful in minimizing the insurance cost for you, even in NYC.

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