Do You Want to Stream Crave? Here is Everything You Need to Know.


Although Crave has advanced significantly since its initial release in 2014, how valuable it is to you ultimately depends on your viewing preferences.

There are thousands of films and hundreds of TV episodes as of 2021. Though not as high as some other video streamers, Crave now has a far larger repertoire than when it initially launched. You can be surprised by the website’s sheer size and abundance of high-quality material just by viewing it.

However, since you reside in the US, you are unable to use a variety of streaming services. Therefore, if you’re a Canadian who enjoys watching CraveTV, you need to utilize the finest VPN service to obtain a Canadian IP address to unblock Crave in the USA and watch thrilling movies!

What Devices Crave Work With?

Serving as many devices as possible, and the range is very vast here, aids in getting that content out. On the mobile side, Crave offers iOS and Android apps, as well as browser-based streaming on Windows and macOS, and ChromeOS has its independent app.

There is now better access than before on set-top boxes and TVs. There is already an Apple TV and Nvidia Shield Crave app, and Roku recently got one as well. It is available on Chromecast, as well as the more recent Google TV by Chromecast user interface. The app is available on any Android TV-enabled TV, including Sony models, as well as on Samsung smart TVs manufactured between 2015 and 21. 

Crave is compatible with the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and 5, and PlayStation 5. Of course, you can access it by tuning in to a specific channel on a few Bell devices, such as the Streamer and TV set-top boxes (it may be different depending on your region). Additionally, Crave is available through Rogers, Telus, or Shaw subscriptions, which may surprise you.  

Crave’s Free Access

Crave no longer provides the 7-day free trial that it once did. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a 30-day grace period in 2020, but that was about it. You must start subscribing right immediately if you want to see anything on this site. But you always have the option to back out.

Subscribing Brings You Perks

There are two methods for signing up. One way is through your TV provider, who might be able to entice you with a promotion or deal. As with any other streaming service, you can also sign up straight through Crave.

All Crave Originals and Showtime programming are included in the base membership, which costs $9.99 per month, along with a variety of TV shows, including some from HBO. You can get more shows and movies, as well as the most recent episodes of HBO and six live on-demand channels when you double that to the “Movies + HBO” membership for $19.98/month.

You also receive Starz content if you increase the monthly fee to $25.97. For $9.99 per month, those seeking French content can add the Super Ecran bundle. It’s not necessary to stream everything when you have a subscription because you may download items to watch offline.

However, the service is geo-blocked, so you won’t be able to see anything if you’re outside of Canada. To get around that, you may always try a VPN, albeit your success may vary. Up to five registered devices may be used concurrently on Crave, with a monthly maximum of ten.

This does make it easy to share a subscription with friends and family, but it does necessitate utilizing the same devices consistently over time for device registration. You will need to remove one from your list to add one when your list is already full.

The Kind of Video Quality You Can Expect

The absence of 4K resolution on Crave is the first and foremost factor to be taken into account. The greatest resolution available is 1080p, which is acceptable on mobile devices but often a bummer on TV. Although the reason Crave is taking so long to release is not yet obvious, performance data may offer some hints.

Rewinding and fast-forwarding, among other things, both have issues. That does imply that you can watch without needing more Internet connection bandwidth. However, it also means that you won’t receive the high caliber that comes standard with services like Netflix, Disney+, and Prime Video.

Comparison With the Competitors

Although I tend to agree with some of the criticisms of Crave’s performance issues, I will admit that the content catalog is extremely strong. Of course, since I enjoy documentaries and non-fiction material a lot, there is a lot to enjoy for someone like me. There may be movies and television shows on this site that aren’t available elsewhere.

Particularly true of the television shows and films on HBO, Showtime, and Starz. Crave is the spot to binge on classics like The Wire and The Sopranos if you’ve never watched them before. If you pay more, you can view HBO programs as soon as they air in the US. Bell owns the rights; therefore, the HBO Max streaming service isn’t accessible in Canada.

Crave has that connection because of that. The most disputed level of service, in my opinion, is the basic one. It eliminates a significant portion of the catalog, which likely explains why Crave pushes consumers toward the Movies + HBO tier right away. Despite recent price increases for Netflix and Disney+, Crave is still expensive, especially when there is no 4K or HDR to enjoy.

Because HBO serves as the main support in this arrangement, a sizable portion of it is kept behind a separate barrier. In the end, the execution might make all the difference. You might not want to stay for very long if there are any performance problems, such as freezing or buffering. On the other hand, if all goes smoothly, you can be startled by the treasures that are waiting inside.

Wrapping Up!

Without a question, CraveTV is worth the effort, but sadly, due to geo-restriction and licensing issues, it is only accessible in Canada. Use one of our suggested CraveTV VPNs to start streaming CraveTV in the US.






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