Don’t Neglect Interior Design in Your Restaurant

Don't Neglect Interior Design in Your Restaurant

Owning a restaurant can be a tough way to make a living but also rewarding. There’s something special about the feeling of seeing guests enjoy a delicious meal with their family and friends. Being a successful restauranteur takes hard work and plenty of planning. Naturally, you need to serve food that is tasty and that consumers can’t get anywhere else. Competitive prices and excellent service are also essential. The decor is also vital as it creates atmosphere and is one of the things many guests will notice and remember. Good restaurant owners don’t neglect interior design.


People sit when they eat so choosing the right types of seats is important. You want colors that go with the overall design, such as black restaurant chairs to go with a black-and-white theme. Even more important is how the chairs feel to customers. The type of restaurant also dictates seating. Fast food places usually have chairs that are comfortable but not the kind people want to sit on for a long time. This encourages the rapid turnover that is typical of this type of eatery. For fine dining, comfy chairs that encourage diners to linger, and order dessert and drinks are a better option.


The colors you choose for decorating your restaurant have more than a visual impact. Colors can have an impact on the mood of your customers and on their appetites. Warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow are common in restaurants as they tend to stimulate people’s appetites and cause them to order more food. The cooler colors such as blue tend to relax diners and suppress their appetites. These are things to keep in mind when picking out colors.

Table Set Up

The layout of tables and chairs in the dining area is critical. Naturally, you want to be able to serve as many diners as possible to maximize profits. However, you don’t want customers to feel crowded and claustrophobic. It’s also important to make sure there is enough room for customers and servers to move around the room. It is recommended that fine dining restaurants allow 20 square feet per seat to ensure a comfortable dining experience.


The decor of a restaurant should match the cuisine. A casual family eatery is best served by causal decor just as a fine dining restaurant should have more upscale furnishings. If your place serves ethnic cuisine, the decor should match the designs of that particular culture. This can go a long way toward making the dining experience more enjoyable. It is also a signal to customers that the food is authentic to the cuisine being served. Paintings, sculptures, and knick-knacks can help diners feel that they are in the nation native to the dishes being served. Placing photos of the founder of the restaurant can also add to the atmosphere.

To be successful in the restaurant game absolutely requires excellent food and service. That much is obvious. But don’t neglect interior design. It can add to the feeling of your restaurant, help drawers diners, and keep them coming back.

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