Early Childhood Education Programs During COVID-19

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The need for quality education is a necessity. Most parents are concerned that the recent COVID-19 scare has rendered the schooling system helpless. Face-to-face teaching is put on hold for some areas across the country. However, you cannot put a pause on the development of a child. So it is a good thing that early childhood education programs are still trying to adapt by creating ways to bring quality education to their students.

Children are not the only ones who find new teaching normal difficult. Early learning centers look for teachers who are qualified as effective educators. They need to be observant, lend a listening ear, and ask questions whenever necessary. They should show what must be done in a difficult task so that they know how to do it the next time it happens. But nowadays, safely implementing early childhood education programs is a challenge for most educators. Kid centers are now adjusting to the new normal in these trying, pandemic-filled times. 

New and stricter safety protocols in place

COVID-19 (also known as coronavirus disease 2019) is an easily transmissible respiratory illness. The elderly and people with several underlying medical conditions and weakened immune systems are the ones who are most at risk. However, it does not automatically mean that children are not susceptible to it. They are also vulnerable to the virus and can even be carriers, just like their adult counterparts. 

Early learning centers and schools are aware of the health facts. They are guided by stricter safety practices for the benefit of both students and educators. Some countries and regions have already declared their areas safe for face-to-face learning. But social distancing is still a must for everyone. They reduce people-traffic in the building by limiting their number of students depending on the size of their rooms and school-hubs. They are also informed on how to ensure a clean and sanitized environment. Some establishments even hire additional personnel whose main task is geared towards cleanliness and hygienic purposes. The proper face masks and proper handwashing are also a must for all adults and children in the vicinity. And they also inform the parents and children on how the process now needs to be done. 

Home sessions and live-streamed classes

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The virus has been around for a couple of months already, yet there is no sure vaccine or cure. While waiting for medical developments, it should be noted that not all areas are considered safe for any face-to-face interaction. Some regions are still under lockdown, and social distancing procedures are standard protocol if anyone needs to go out of the house. Therefore, a parent should know how a child’s education continues by attending trial classes online. It is an effective way to gauge how the learning process goes. 

Schools and child care centers now acknowledge the necessity of new technology to continue education at home. However, extra care must be given by both the learning hub and parents. Allowing children to stream websites on their own is dangerous since many links are not created for the very young. Some institutions now create a new curriculum via live-streamed classes. They also encourage the participation of parents since they are the ones who will be in close contact with the student. 

Continuing education is a necessity, especially for very young children. If you are considering a learning center for your little ones, you also need to check if they maintained and enhanced their safety standards. It is for your protection as well as theirs. 

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