Embrace Coastal Lifestyle: Your Guide to Houses for Sale in Golden Bay

Tucked along the sun-kissed coastline of Western Australia, Golden Bay is a coastal gem, captivating those in search of a serene and vibrant lifestyle. Located approximately 60 kilometres south of Perth’s urban heartbeat, this idyllic suburb harmoniously marries the tranquillity of coastal living with the accessibility of modern conveniences. 

Whether you’re house hunters, a property enthusiast, or real estate investors, houses for sale in Golden Bay are calling out.

Let’s take a look at what makes Golden Bay so sought after for property owners.

Why Buy a House for Sale Golden Bay WA

As a place steeped in history, Golden Bay has evolved from a tranquil coastal region into a thriving suburb. Its evolution was spurred by its popularity as a holiday destination, drawing visitors to its pristine beaches and breathtaking natural beauty. 

Today, Golden Bay is a testament to urban development coexisting harmoniously with coastal charm. The diverse local community is tailored to accommodate families, young professionals, and retirees. Its appeal lies in its exceptional amenities, schools, and recreational facilities that foster a desirable quality of life.

Types of House for Sale Golden Bay

Golden Bay offers a diverse range of houses for sale that cater to various lifestyles, preferences, and budgets. The real estate landscape in Golden Bay includes a mix of architectural styles and features, so prospective homebuyers can find a place that aligns perfectly with their vision of coastal living. 

Beachfront Houses

The epitome of coastal luxury, beachfront houses in Golden Bay provide an unparalleled living experience. These homes are strategically positioned along the coastline, offering panoramic ocean views and direct access to the pristine sandy beaches. 

Imagine waking up to the soothing sounds of waves, witnessing breathtaking sunsets over the horizon, and having the beach as your backyard. Beachfront houses combine luxurious amenities with a stunning natural backdrop, creating an idyllic haven for those who seek an extraordinary coastal lifestyle.

Family Homes

Golden Bay caters to growing families with spacious and comfortable family homes. These residences are designed with thoughtful layouts that accommodate the needs of a bustling household. 

Family homes typically feature multiple bedrooms, open living spaces, and ample outdoor areas for kids to play and families to gather. These homes provide room for families to thrive, creating cherished memories against the backdrop of a laid-back coastal environment.

Modern vs Traditional Designs

Many houses for sale in Golden Bay showcase modern architectural designs that blend seamlessly with the coastal surroundings. Modern houses often feature sleek lines, open-plan layouts, and an abundance of natural light. These designs prioritise functionality and comfort while capitalising on the beauty of the coastal landscape. Modern homes in Golden Bay offer contemporary living at its finest, combining style with the pleasures of beachside living.

For those who appreciate classic aesthetics, however, Golden Bay also offers houses that exude traditional charm. These homes may feature elements such as gabled roofs, front verandas, and intricate detailing, reflecting timeless architectural styles. Traditional houses provide a warm and inviting atmosphere, evoking a sense of nostalgia while seamlessly fitting into the coastal community.

Eco-Friendly Homes

As sustainability becomes a paramount concern, some houses for sale in Golden Bay may feature eco-friendly designs and technologies. These homes incorporate energy-efficient features, such as solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, and efficient insulation. Eco-friendly houses provide residents with the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying the benefits of modern living.

Coastal Retreats

Some houses in Golden Bay are designed to embody the concept of a coastal retreat. These homes prioritise outdoor living spaces, such as expansive decks, balconies, and outdoor entertainment areas. Coastal retreats capitalise on the stunning ocean views, offering residents the chance to unwind while soaking in the natural beauty that surrounds them.

Whatever property type you’re drawn to, Golden Bay’s real estate market offers options to suit your preferences and create the coastal lifestyle you’ve always envisioned.

PEET Brings Coastal Charm to You

PEET’s Golden Bay development is a master-planned community nestled along the stunning coastline of Western Australia, offering a blend of coastal living, modern conveniences, and a vibrant community spirit. With its prime location and thoughtful design, Golden Bay has become a sought-after destination for those seeking a tranquil yet connected lifestyle by the sea.

One of the big stand-out features is the development’s proximity to the Indian Ocean, providing residents with direct access to pristine sandy beaches, creating an environment where the calming sounds of waves and breathtaking sunsets become part of daily life. You can enjoy a range of water activities, from swimming to beachside picnics, or simply take leisurely strolls along the coastal pathways.

PEET’s commitment to creating sustainable and thriving communities is evident in every aspect of Golden Bay. The development features thoughtfully designed parks, green spaces, and communal areas that encourage interaction among residents. This design fosters a sense of belonging and creates opportunities for neighbours to connect and build lasting relationships.

What’s on Offer?

Golden Bay offers a range of residential options to cater to different preferences and lifestyles, including titled land for sale, house and land packages, and townhouses.

Titled Land For Sale

Titled Land For Sale in Golden Bay presents an inviting opportunity for those eager to embrace coastal living. These ready-to-build parcels of land offer the advantage of swift commencement of your dream home construction, as all approvals are in place. With a variety of land sizes available, you can choose the space that resonates with your coastal vision—whether it’s a sprawling yard for outdoor enjoyment, a low-maintenance plot, or a site that captures mesmerising ocean views. 

Titled land for sale allows you to design your haven by the sea and ensures you become an integral part of a vibrant coastal community. Conway homes for sale sc at homeguidemyrtlebeach

House and Land Packages

House and land packages in Golden Bay seamlessly merge the allure of coastal living with the convenience of a move-in-ready solution. Collaborating with renowned builders, PEET offers a diverse range of pre-designed homes that encapsulate the essence of coastal charm and contemporary comfort. These packages, inclusive of both land and home construction, allow you to effortlessly embrace your coastal lifestyle. 

ith a House and Land Package, you’re acquiring a home and a gateway to sun-soaked beach days and the vibrant rhythm of coastal living.


Golden Bay’s townhouses extend an invitation to experience coastal living in a refined yet convenient manner. These modern residences offer efficient use of space, stylish interiors, and private courtyards—perfect for individuals or families seeking a lock-and-leave lifestyle by the coast. In these townhouses, you can relish the benefits of community living while revelling in quick access to essential amenities and recreational spaces. 

Embrace coastal living with ease, knowing that your townhouse is a gateway to the beach, the ocean breeze, and the captivating energy of Golden Bay.

Your Golden Opportunity Awaits

Investing in a house within PEET’s Golden Bay development holds immense promise. As part of a well-regarded developer’s portfolio, properties in this development benefit from PEET’s dedication to quality, sustainability, and community engagement. 

The strong demand for coastal properties in Golden Bay, combined with the development’s exceptional offerings, presents the potential for capital appreciation over time, making it an attractive prospect for both homeowners and investors.

With its unparalleled coastal location and PEET’s commitment to creating exceptional communities, Golden Bay is a fantastic choice for those seeking a life enriched by the beauty of the coast and the comforts of a thriving community.

Whether you’re looking for a serene coastal lifestyle, a vibrant community, or a promising investment opportunity, Golden Bay captures the essence of Western Australia’s coastal beauty while providing a place to call home.


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