Expert Tips for Maximising Profits on Trading Platforms

Trading Platforms


Trading platforms are the gift of technology which has established a direct connection between the investors and trade. It has simplified the way investors can invest in securities and multiply their wealth. A trading platform assists investors in every possible way to enhance the investment experience and hence requires a basic understanding of the same.

Understanding the Basics of Trading Platforms 

A trading platform is an online trading system or program which allows traders or investors to buy and sell securities with the help of computer software.

There are two types of trading platforms:

  • Proprietary trading platform: Developed by financial institutions and large brokerages for their trading
  • Commercial trading platforms: Designed for investors and day traders

Features of the trading platform:

  • Low fees 
  • Market depth charts 
  • Level 2 quotes
  • User interface

Once you find the right platform, the next focus should be to develop a solid trading strategy to achieve your financial goals.

Developing a Solid Trading Strategy 

A trading strategy is very crucial as it helps to attain your financial goals from trading. It assists you in determining how much capital you can invest, what is your risk tolerance, and how you can navigate the securities to earn maximum returns.

Tips to create an effective trading strategy:

  1. Determine your risk tolerance
  2. Choose the correct trading products
  3. Apply technical analysis
  4. Choose the right trading style

A trading strategy must be adjustable to the changing market conditions. An adaptable trading strategy allows the trader to capitalise on the opportunity when it comes and safeguard the capital when the market behaviour goes down.

To develop the right strategy, traders must be well-versed in trading risks and be able to minimise them.

Risk Management Techniques

Trading comes with risks like market risk, financial risk, liquidity risk,  security risk, etc. A smart trader must be aware of these risks and have trading strategies that can help in minimising the risks. This includes:

  1. Avoid over trading
  2. Diversify your portfolio
  3. Regular assessment of stocks
  4. Research and analysis

One can adopt the stop-loss strategy, where the shares are sold if the share price drops and reaches a certain price. This saves traders from incurring huge losses. Similarly, take-profit orders allow one to maximise the profit when the market is likely to reverse after a certain point. This results in low losses and higher profits.

Leveraging Analytical Tools and Resources 

Analytical tools have provided much relief to traders by providing them with first-hand information about the company, its financial position, growth potential, etc. Whether it is EPS, simple moving average, candlestick charts or any other, it enables traders to make intelligent investment decisions.

Trading indicators and signals do not explicitly indicate buy or sell. However, a trader must interpret and use them intelligently to determine the entry and exit of stocks. Staying updated with the financial events and news allows investors to be updated with the latest developments and know about the current market trends.

Continual Learning and Improvement

Traders who want to succeed and achieve their financial goals must continuously learn and improvise their knowledge about the ever-changing market. It not only tells you about current and future market trends but also helps you to reflect on past mistakes and learn from them. 

Some important resources for traders include:


  1. The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham
  2. The Little Book of Common Sense Investing by Jack Bogle


  1. NSE Academy
  2. BSE Academy

One can also keep a personal journal to note important notes to assess and improve their trading strategy over time.

Staying Updated with Market Trends 

In the technology-driven world, it is easy to stay updated with the market trends, understand them and adjust your investments accordingly to the changing dynamics. You can rely on online news portals, YouTube channels,  social media accounts, and other platforms.

For example, global events can cause economic slowdowns and make investors cautious and risk-averse. This leads to a fall in the stock prices. A successful way of dealing with such uncertainties is to adapt your strategy to the changing dynamics of the market.

Expert Advice and Interviews 

Understanding and following expert advice and tips, such as those provided through a comprehensive trade ideas review featuring a highly sophisticated AI-driven stock scanner that automatically finds new trade ideas and setup opportunities, can help investors better comprehend market trends. This approach allows them to make informed decisions, potentially saving them from losses and facilitating the realization of their financial goals

Mistakes to avoid, as advised by professionals, include:

  • Unplanned trading
  • Ignoring risk tolerance capacity
  • Not setting a time horizon
  • Not using the stop-loss technique


The stock market in India has an ever-changing nature, adapting to which is the key to achieving your financial goals. Trading platforms can be a catalyst in helping you to navigate through the dynamics and understand them in a better way. For this, you must stay updated and leverage the tools and resources available.

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