Face Of Unemployment

Face Of Unemployment


Unemployment is the biggest threat facing our world. Recently the face of unemployment has been quite famous among the public, and it has been trending on social media platforms. Some issues cannot be highlighted on social media platforms. They need actual applications in the world. (viagra) The reason is that they can change the fate of an entire community.

Although the unemployment rate is higher in the current world statistics, this number is comparatively higher for the black or African American community. Especially after the pandemic of COVID 19 broke out, the world has witnessed rapid change. The unemployment rate has been higher than before, and people have been looking for a stable income source ever since.

The lockdown has bankrupted several businesses, and others are shut down completely, giving rise to a major crisis. You can find out in this article if you want to know more about the face of unemployment.

Who is the face of unemployment

The face of unemployment is not just a phrase that is being used on social media platforms and in memes. In fact, it has been creating awareness regarding trending issues. The details help us understand that the photo of a person was used to highlight that issue. If we talk about that individual’s name, then it would be Tyler Johnson, who immediately became the representative of unemployment and whose face has been trending with the hashtag of unemployment.

Who is Tyler

Tyler was also among the affectees of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis that left many of the community jobless. When his photo started trending on the internet, he became quite famous. Although later on, the individual urged the public to stop sharing his photo.

Tyler finally got the job

As a result of this photo circulation, he was able to secure a job for himself. The current details help us understand that the famed individual started his new job with the title of “Autopsy Lab assistant” at the office of chief ME (Medical Examiner) Oklahoma at the start of 2022.

Tyler shared a selfie after employment 

Since Tyler was trending on the internet, therefore, once he got a job, he uploaded a selfie on the internet. Surprisingly the response of the public was quite amazing. The selfie had the title “It’s official…the face is no more”. Trying to make the world believe that they need to find a new face of unemployment for themselves. This post of Tyler received an immense response from the public sector. It was retweeted almost 1500 times, and the number of likes it received has crossed the mark of 19,000.

The CNN story

Now you might be wondering how Tyler came into the news in the first place. So let us tell you that it is all thanks to the CNN story regarding the unemployed people during the pandemic. The story was released in January 2021. The story had the face of Tyler Johnson on the top. This was why he was being coined the “Face of unemployment”.

The Jasmine Watkins tweet

The number of likes and retweets he got from the public made him a celebrity. Especially the post of Jasmine Watkins, a Twitter user who gave him this title. In her post, she said, “Imagine logging on Twitter, and you see the face of unemployment”. The post went viral, and in a couple of days, it received almost 72,000 retweets, and the number of likes has crossed the mark of 500,000.

The response to Jasmine’s tweet

This was extremely amazing, and nobody was expecting this response. Still, it happened, and later on, whenever the topic of unemployment was discussed, the name of Tyler Johnson and his photo also popped up.

The statistical figures

Statistics must accompany the facts to make a point. Thus, if we talk about the federal statistics, we will come to know that 40% of African Americans and Asian Americans have been out of jobs for more than half a year.

Comparing African American and white counterparts

If we compare the figures with the Hispanic or White counterparts, we will see that the figure is reduced to a third in this community. Thus, we can say that racism is still at its peak in the developed world and will not be lowered until or unless the people’s ideology is changed.

The publishing of the photo

There has been chatter on social media platforms regarding the fact that CNN has published the photo of the famed individual without his consent. If that was the case, it would be extremely inappropriate because he became a viral figure in a matter of days, which might affect a person’s privacy.

The matter of photo rights 

There is also some news that suggests that the famed individual did a sitting with them on the matter of unemployment. This is why they had the right to use his photos. Still, some of the remarks from the public say that they should have been more careful while going for his photo, and it would have been wise to consult him before sharing the photo regarding whether he is currently unemployed or not.

The expectations from the state

The state must formulate special policies regarding the issue of unemployment. This is a matter that should be taken up seriously. Otherwise, the crisis will hit the base of the society leaving the whole community affected.

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Unemployment is an issue that nobody can run from. The face of unemployment or Tyler has only been the tip of the iceberg. There is a whole mountain to conquer. We hope that the state immediately completes its homework and special policies are put in place to ensure that the job affectees from the period of COVID-19 lockdown are compensated.

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