Feather pajamas, slip dresses with feathers by Sleeper, and other original and practical outfits


For a clothing brand to gain popularity, it has to have its own flavor. Realizing this, Sleeper designers successfully work in several directions.

If we look, for example, at their feather pajamas, or, say, Sleeper dress with feathers in shades of black, white, pink, and blue, or pay attention to the best linen suits, we will note some tricks inherent to this trademark. We will see the original design and the inseparable combination of attractive design and conditions for comfortable wearing.

Well, let’s take a closer look at the assortment of the Ukrainian brand, the knowledge of which extends to millions of fashionistas.

Fancy pajamas and dresses with feathers: interesting decor and multifunctionality as a key to success

Everyone familiar with Sleeper for several seasons knows that the brand prefers to use feathers as an embellishment. And judging by the fact that millions of women around the world choose pajamas and dresses with feathers, once made, it can be considered a successful decision.

You may ask, why feathers? Such a trim has several advantages:

  1. A flair for flirtatiousness. Due to various circumstances, many women often have to resort to creating austere and understated looks. A drop of frivolity, brought by feathers, will not violate the bon ton vibe but will allow you to feel a little more liberated.
  2. Subtlety. The playfulness of the look is beautiful. But feathers can also emphasize the fragility and intelligence of nature.
  3. Originality. Nobody can be surprised by embroidery and crystals, though they are appropriate in certain situations. But feather-trimmed pajamas or stylish dresses can create a curiosity revolution among other fashionistas.

Having analyzed the decor, let’s still go back to the base, which the feather elements complement.

Party-collection pajamas

Stylish white and black feather pajamas are one of Sleeper’s trademarks.

Viscose, not restricting ankle-length pants and lightweight oversize shirts are decorated at the cuffs of both elements. The fact that the feathers can be detached contributes to the set. Thus, the pajamas will make dreams of absolute versatility come true.

Keeping feather pajamas in their pristine appearance, you can wear them to a party, a date, or a semi-social event or unwind a bright element from your casual day-to-day. If there are no feathers, the set will be a clean slate, ready to embody a variety of fashion ideas:

  • complemented by high heels, it can become a discreet, but spectacular solution for a business lunch;
  • In combination with a neat pendant it would be a real eye-catcher at a soiree;
  • combined with sneakers and a backpack it will be an outfit perfect for a long trip.

There are a lot of ways to implement unique versatile pajamas. And it is not necessary to wear a top and pants in strict unity. The top can be safely combined with jeans, classic pants, and skirts. As for pants, they are complemented by T-shirts, shirts, strict jackets, and even leather jackets.

Boheme: a luxurious dress to look irresistible

The incredibly dressy slip dress with feathers by Sleeper will make your closet even more prepared for all sorts of important events.

The outfit, made of viscose, boasts the shine that distinguishes spectacular silk pieces—the ankle-length dress pairs wonderfully with both high stilettos and low-walking footwear. Thin straps will emphasize the elegance of the shoulders and the beauty of the neck. The feathers adorning the neckline will add a feminine grace to the image.

The purpose of the elegant slip dress is truly versatile. The white dress can be the dominant feature in the outfit of a bride or her maid of honor. The black dress will come in handy in the theater or at an exhibition. A pink midi is a great solution for a birthday or other semi-formal celebration. The blue Boheme is an option for those who prefer to add some festive or playful touches to the routine.

Complement the dress with eloquent accessories, and appropriate footwear, and enjoy your reflection in the mirror and the admiring glances of people around.

Dynasty linen blazer and shorts set: beauty multiplied by practicality


Sleeper designers give preference to high-quality materials. Linen is one of them. Designers sew many beautiful outfits from this breathable, water-absorbing fabric.

The Dynasty linen blazer and shorts se set is one of the most original solutions, which is interesting because of the alternatives. Instead of shorts, the suit can include pants, wide and flared. Thus, you get a suit that can be worn in hot weather, as well as, in cooler temperatures.

The most recognizable detail of the set is the linen blazer. The jacket has voluminous shoulders, sending us back to the 90s with its inimitable vibe. Wave-shaped lapels will attract attention and underline your attraction to everything unusual and interesting. The long sleeves will protect your hands from the cool breeze and will add points to the “for all occasions” parameter.

The aesthetic and comfortable Dynasty linen blazer and shorts set, like many other Sleeper items, is an outfit with an adaptive mood. Today you wear the suit to the office, tomorrow you go to a cafe for a Friday night hangout with friends. All you need to do to set the right tone is to choose the right accompaniment to the set. Can you do it? Well, you’re amazing.

Written by Diana Gold

If you enjoy reading and writing as much as I do, I’m sure we’ll get along great! I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Literature and in my four years of studying, I’ve had the chance to learn about and experience a wide variety of interesting topics. My favorite five are literature, fashion, cultures from different countries, psychology, and the beauty of everything around us.




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