Finding GP Jobs and Working as a GP in Australia

GP Jobs and Working as a GP in Australia

If you are looking for a great opportunity to work as a GP you might want to check out the GP jobs in Sydney NSW and elsewhere in Australia. It is a good place for GPs and the shortage means there is high demand in a lot of places. In Australia, doctors have a far better chance of having a better work/life balance than most doctors do elsewhere in the world. It is a place you can bring your family or start a family and have the time to earn good money and still come home for school events, and to be there with the children. Or if you are single it means you can have hobbies and socialise and work to earn money while not feeling overworked and stressed all the time. Australia is known to be a desirable country to live and work in so here is some information if you want to be a GP there.

Using an experienced recruitment agency

One of the best options for finding GP jobs in Sydney NSW is to use a reputable and experienced recruitment agency. They can work with you if you trained in Australia and are looking for work and they can help if you trained elsewhere in the world and want to move here. You will need certain information if you are an Australian citizen such as a CV that includes any past GP or relevant work, hours per week you worked, dates of being employed, job titles and then you will need three professional references too. You will need to meet them or talk on the phone with them to talk about details and you may need to fill in additional information. When they verify everything is as it should be they can submit your CV to the types of jobs you want, surgeries, hospitals and such. 

Registering as a GP in Australia

In order to be able to work as a GP in the country you have to register first with the Medical Board of Australia. There are specified medical categories according to the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law that you can register under for GP jobs in Sydney NSW and others. These categories are limited registration, student registration, general registration, provisional registration, non-practicing registration and specialist registration. For more information or to register in Australia as a GP, you can check out the Medical Board of Australia’s site online.

Registering as a GP if you are trained internationally

In order to be able to work as a GP in Australia and apply for GP jobs in Sydney NSW but when you have trained outside of it you need to provide proof of being eligible by following one of three pathways to assess you, those are the specialist pathway, the competent authority pathway and the standard pathway. To find out more you can look at the Medical Board of Australia site online and specifically the IMGs (International Medical Graduates) page.

Working as GP in Australia has lots of benefits and the pay scale is at par with similar jobs in developed nations. 

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