Golden State Killer

Golden State Killer


Justice is surely served at the end of the day. The events like the conviction of the Golden State Killer are examples that no matter whether it is delayed or not, it will always be served for good. This is the only factor that keeps societies up and running.

If the societies are not standing true to the terms of justice, they will soon witness their fate. Therefore we can say that no matter the religion or ethnicity, societies should always be based upon the golden principles of justice.

There have been several events in the past that people think are not well justified. It might take some time to serve justice, or sometimes you might have to wait for the heavenly intervention. But you will get the results at the end of the day, just like we did in the case of the Golden State Killer.

“Golden State Killer,” An Ex Policeman

Who is Golden State Killer

Several people are wondering about the details of the Golden State Killer. So let us tell you that it is a term that was associated with a violent serial killer who had been accused of several murders crossing the mark of 13 and dozens of rapes along with a list of break-ins with an unlimited number. Thus we can say that this man was completely a nightmare. He was a mystery that the justice-providing institutions could not get their hands on.

Who is Golden State Killer

Real identity

Recently some events occurred that made us realize about the true identity of this person. Thus we can say that the golden state killer was none other than a policeman. Or now he is an ex-policeman. It was confirmed when his confession was shared with the authorities.

The crime history

If we look at the history of his crimes, we will know that the golden state killer has more than 13 murder victims. Also, the number of rape victims are dozens. If we talk about the break-ins associated with his name, then the list also goes on and on. All of this happened during the period of the 1970s and 1980s. He committed these crimes in almost 11 different counties in California state.

The confession and deal

At the time of the confession, the golden state killer, or if we use his real-life name, Joseph James DeAngelo, was 74 years old. The details tell us that he confessed to all of these crimes as a part of the plea deal with the state prosecutors to spare him a death sentence. But in return, he would have to confess all his crimes and offenses.

Judge, plea, and parole

Now, if we talk about the proceeding of the trial, then we will learn that Supervisor Court Judge Michael Bowman approved the unusual plea agreement. But there are some terms and conditions that you must understand. Joseph will not have any possibility of parole.

The narrative of the prosecutors

If we talk about the prosecutors and their narrative. Then we will learn that they wanted to ensure that the victims, their families, and relatives who might have also aged now witness the true justice. It might have gotten too much late already. The deal was conducted to ensure that the case did not extend ten more years. Below we have mentioned the statement of the Deputy District Attorney,

“The time for justice stands in front of us now,”.

A unique trial

There were several different things about this trial that might blow you off. Thus if we go through the details, we will learn that the hearing of this matter was not conducted in the usual court. In fact, this hearing was scheduled in a Sacramento University Ballroom. This might be shocking for you. The reason behind this was to ensure the safety of the public and the court attendants and to ensure that they were seated according to the SOPs of COVID-19.

The pleading

The trial in the court took 7 hours, and the culprit, the serial Killer Joseph was sitting in a wheelchair. Age has already shown its effects on his face. If we talk about his pleading to different accounts, then we will learn that the famous serial killer pledged guilty to 13 different murder cases. Also, he said, “I admit” to dozens of rape cases. The case actually helped bring closure to 161 different crime events.

The pleading

The alter ego

Now you might be wondering about the details. So let us tell you that DeAngelo was also mentally ill. The prosecutors also shared with the public that he was busy talking to himself during the time DeAngelo was arrested. He referred to a voice in his head named “Jerry”. Supposedly, this voice in his head made him do all these crimes mentioned above.

Time period of operation

If we look at the crimes of Joseph the Golden State Killer, we will learn that his crime period is spread upon a time of 11 years, extending from 1975 to 1986. He committed all of these crimes while serving as a police officer.


Since Joseph was not being caught, he was the talk of the time with different nicknames. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • Golden State Killer
  • East area rapist
  • Original night stalker

The courage of Victims

Justice should be delivered. But there are always some factors that keep you up at night. The details help us understand the fact that there are many instances in which the victims do not come forward to testify. Most of the time, they are simply afraid of the events’ turn and the society’s response towards the actions

In this particular case, one of the victims, Kris Pedretti, came forward. She said, “Not afraid to face him”. This helps justice to prevail in society.

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The Golden State Killer was a myth back in time, a killer and rapist who was not being caught by the authorities, but at the end of the day, justice was served. We hope that the victims and their families find some closure.

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