Got Metal? How to Properly Get Rid of All Types of Metal Scrap

All Types of Metal Scrap

Dealing with metal scrap is whole lot easier than you may think. Sure, metal is heavy and perhaps you have more pieces of scrap than you know what you do with, but the solution to getting rid of any amount of metal is as easy as recycling. Whether you have a large metal clean up job or have scrap metal taking up space around home, recycling is the answer to getting rid of alll the types of metal waste. 

What is Metal Recycling? 

There are different ways to properly recycle metal waste, like putting empty aluminum soda cans in your blue recycling bin at home. However, sometimes there are pieces of scrap metal in larger sizes and quantities than our home recycling efforts can manage. To help rid of scrap metal in an environmentally friendly way, local scrap yards offer metal recycling for whatever can’t be dealt with at home, such as:   

  • Ferrous Metals like baled tin, cast iron, structural steel, white goods and appliances 
  • Non-Ferrous Metals like aluminum, brass, copper, lead, tungsten and zinc 

To help tell the two general categories of metals apart, ferrous metal refers to anything metal that contains iron. To tell is something metal is ferrous you can do a magnet test. Try sticking a magnet to a metal item, if the magnet sticks that means it’s ferrous and contains iron.  

Why is Metal Recycling Worth Doing? 

Simply put, with any size metal scrap, metal recycling is definitely worth doing. Recycling metal is not just a convenient way to get rid of metal scrap but is the only way to safely dispose of these materials. As the CARI, Canadian Association of Recycling Industries, helps to explain: 

  • Recyclable materials are resources, not waste 
  • The industry of sustainable development is recycling 
  • Recycling is an environmental solution 
  • Recycling helps to create jobs 
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Not to mention, the scrap yard will pay you top prices for your metal recyclables. That means some financial incentive to do the right thing when disposing of your metal scraps. To make the trip to the scrap yard even more worth it, you can even get paid to recycle electronic waste, such as: 

  • Answering machines
  • Modems and computer circuit boards
  • Fax machines
  • Printers, scanners and so much more! 

That means you can finally clear out all those old electronics in a safe way while getting paid to do it. 

When to Use a Scrap Yard for Metal Recycling 

Whether you’re doing a home or office renovation or just accumulated a lot of scrap metal over the years, a scrap yard is the perfect source for your metal recycling needs. Members of the general public and companies alike can benefit from convenient scrap yard metal recycling options, such as:

  • Dropping off metal scraps 
  • Scrap metals pick up services 
  • Arranging bin services 

In other words, no matter how much scrap metal you have there is a solution to help get it to the scrap yard to be recycled properly.

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