Great Cruises for Couples


There may be no better getaway for a couple than to go on a long, romantic cruise. There are two great things about going on a cruise.

To start out, you experience great meals, fantastic entertainment, and plenty of activities and fun while on board the ship. As if that isn’t enough, you also get to visit plenty of exciting ports of call during your journey.

Cruising the Southern Caribbean

When most people think of some of the best cruises for adults, they think of going somewhere like the southern Caribbean. After all, this is a part of the world offering long sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and amazing sunsets daily.

Quite often, these types of cruises will leave from somewhere in Florida. After one or two days of cruising at sea, you begin arriving at the ports of call on the journey.

One popular destination on these types of cruises is to head to Aruba. This fantastic place is somewhere to simply sit on the beach or go for a great swim. You can also participate in snorkeling, water sports, or even hopping on a wooden catamaran.  Or if you want a great photo of you in this destination, you can then hire local Aruba photographers to get that perfect shot for you.

If you prefer to stay on shore, there are some fantastic cycling and hiking trails that you can experience. Of course, one option is always to belly up to a tropical bar, sample some of your favorite cocktails, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Cruising Through Western Europe

One of the problems that couples face when they think of going to Europe is having so many destinations to choose from and being unable to narrow it down to one or two. That is what is so great about going on a cruise through this part of the world.

When you take a cruise that visits countries such as France, Italy, Monaco, and Spain, you are going to see a massive amount of different cultures, sites, and sounds.

These sites include things in Italy such as the Colosseum or visiting the Vatican. Of course, Italy offers couples a wide array of fantastic food and wine choices to sample while they are there.

When you make a trip to Monaco, you’ll marvel at the opulence of this part of the world. Included here are some amazing shopping choices, and of course, you can take your chances at the very famous Grand Casino.

Visiting the city of Cannes in France is something most couples will never forget. This city is one of the most upscale beach cities in France, and strolling down the boulevard, you will come across unique hotels, restaurants, and shopping.

The last stop on a trip like this may be an amazing city such as Barcelona that offers enough architecture for you to spend an entire day exploring. There is also a fantastic café and coffee culture here that you will surely want to try during an afternoon.

Seeing the Amazing Sites in Alaska

While many couples may not think about Alaska when considering a cruise, there are a host of outdoor wonders to experience when you are here. In fact, for couples that love outdoor adventures, there may be no better destination for a cruise than Alaska.

During the time you are at sea, you will come across a wide array of unique animals, including bald eagles, puffins, brown bears, and maybe even orca whales.

At places such as Icy Strait Point, you can jump on one of the world’s highest and longest zip lines that features a 1300-foot vertical drop. You can also try your hand at kayaking or doing some fishing in freshwater streams.

Of course, no visit to Alaska would be complete without exploring sites such as the Hubbard Glacier, which is nearly 7 miles long, over 76 miles wide, and about 30 stories high. In fact, this is the longest tidewater glacier in the world.

As couples begin to explore cruise options, they will soon find that the choices are virtually limitless. Once they know the type of vacation they are in the mood for, the next step is booking their trip and starting their adventure. (tourismiceland)

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