Grenada vs Dominica Citizenship Programs: Understanding the Key Differences and Similarities

Have you ever dreamed of living on one of the uninhabited islands and blending in with nature? You will have that opportunity if you exchange your money for a passport from one of the Caribbean countries. There are many mysterious places near these land areas. However, the main stream of cosmopolitans goes there for other reasons. They are attracted by security, stability, confidence in their future, quality of life, and the ability to cross the borders between America and Europe. What country to choose so as not to regret it? Make your decision based on the processing time, requirements for family members, the amount of capital, etc.

Grenada Citizenship Program

The island kingdom is characterized by mountainous terrain and natural landscapes. Therefore, both temporary and permanent residency is in demand. The Grenada CBI program authorizes entry into Schengen for up to 180 days of stay in the European part of the continent and China. It differs from the Dominican one by the E2 pass to America (for business or employment) and a few other points.

Qualifications and Requirements

The lack of stringent conditions distinguishes this republic from others, but there are still some subtleties of the procedure. So, the investor must apply to a licensed agent, that is, a company with the right to coordinate these immigration issues. In addition, the government carefully checks the information for the absence of problems with the law, diseases, and people’s wealth.

Investment Options

It is enough to top up the fund account or to buy real estate to get a guaranteed political-legal attachment. The former amount is not refundable. However, it is almost half the cost of purchasing a home, such as a villa or an apartment.

Benefits of Grenada Citizenship

The benefits of the passport of Grenada:

  • a guarantee of security and secrecy;
  • the opportunity to take your financially dependent children, grandchildren, or parents with you;
  • excellent living conditions, not to mention the complete package of utilities;
  • close proximity to the U.S., you can be employed, trained, or hired by the organization from the very first days of your employment.

A tax-free life awaits you, profitable from all aspects.

Dominica Citizenship Program

In 2022, the state won the ranking as the most prestigious land for cosmopolitans. You can apply for Dominica citizenship by investment and relocating relatives, sisters, brothers, parents, and grandparents over 65 years old.

Qualifications and Requirements

A special pass allows you to enjoy your rights as a citizen in 2 to 4 weeks if all documents are met. A quick check includes no criminal record, good health of the applicant, or his dependents. 

Investment Options

There are two ways to improve the regional economy through investment. The first is to invest in an EDF fund (from $100,000), which is non-refundable and a one-time deduction. The second method is to purchase real estate, which the government approves.

Benefits of Dominica Citizenship

There are some advantages of this option:

  • the applicant does not have to be present at the processing of documents and does not have to be in the region;
  • the passport of Dominica is issued in about three months;
  • living in this state, you save on taxes, including corporate taxes;
  • stable political and economic situation.

The mountainous terrain and pristine nature make the area even more desirable.

Comparison of Grenada and Dominica Citizenship Programs

When a person plans to move to the Caribbean, he is eligible for complete security of his interests and his family; he has to hope for the secrecy of his actions and motives. He may prefer Malta or Cyprus but does not want to wait long for clearance or relies on the material benefits and lack of high demands. If you don’t agree with that either, you will find one of the mentioned countries attractive for you in our material. So, the Grenada vs Dominica cbi programs…

Everyone pays attention to the standard of living; according to Victor Esik (agency Immigrant Invest), the best option is the Grenada priorities. Developed medicine and educational sphere gives all chances to improve the quality of life and cultural development and obtain international certificates and diplomas, which are recognized in the U.S. and Britain.

Dominica is advantageous in extending the documents; you do not need to renew them every five years, as they are relevant for ten years. Furthermore, there are no taxes in both territories, including interest on rental income.


Dominica is a more popular destination because it is advantageous in terms of time and money. There are no clear criteria for selection, but in Grenada, you will face a strict verification of your identity data and information about relatives. In total, the final “verdict” may occur in 6 months. In the first case, you will receive a passport within 2-4 months, and the property can be sold (if you bought a property) in 3 years. However, if the priority is to receive international education and travel abroad on a business visit, it is better to use Grenada citizenship.

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