Easy and Quick Hairstyle Step by Step for All Girls

Hairstyle Step by Step

Yesterday you had to go for lunch with your boyfriend and also to your friend’s wedding. Again, today is a busy day at work, plus you got to attend an official event in the evening. Now, this the same story that all of us girls have to face daily. You get to visit so many different activities and directions. Moreover, you wish to look perfect all the time, which is, of course, quite a difficult task. Also, you have to agree to the fact that a lot of us fail to do perfect hairdos, and so a tutorial for hairstyle step by step can be of great help.

In this article, we are going to teach you some real quick hairstyles that will help you get ready in minutes. You can choose from the vast list of simple step by step hairstyles to do yourself according to the event, length of your hair, and so on.

Best hairstyle step by step

Irrespective of the shape of your face or the length of your hair, we are presenting a hairstyle step by step for you to refer to. There are styles for everyone and every occasion. So, let’s get started.

1. Long curls with a side tucked in behind the ear

Allow us to begin the list of simple step by step hairstyles to do yourself most excitingly. Now, who does not like to look like a Hollywood star? Here, we have the perfect way for you to look like that. In this hairstyle, on one side of your face, your wavy locks will fall loose, while, on the other hand, your hair will be pinned correctly behind the ear. You can wear this hairstyle when you are going out for a dinner date.


  • Volumizing mousse
  • Hairspray
  • Heat protection spray/serum
  • Bobby pins
  • Curling iron

Hairstyle step by step:

  • Wash your hair nicely, and dry them. Now, apply proper heat protection spray along with the volumizing mousse.
  • Take 2-inches of your hair at a time and press the ends with a curling iron. Make sure you put the iron away from your face.
  • Do a clean side-parting taking your entire hair together.
  • From the side on which the hair section is minimum, you have to pull back all your hair and use the bobby pins to tuck them behind your ear neatly.
  • Let the other side fall loose and use hairspray to settle frizz if any. ]

2. Highlighted updo with side-swept bun

Suppose you wake up one morning and realize that you are super late for work, what hairstyle will you prefer doing? We suggest you try out this simple hairstyle that requires almost no effort and absolutely no time at all. (Modafinil) You have a comb and a hair clutch or chignon, and that’s it! What is best, you get a super-chic look to carry on for the rest of the day. Yes, you will look great even you have to head a presentation, and you do not have extra time to change your hairstyle.


  • Texturing spray
  • Holding hairspray
  • Clutch clip (medium size)

Hairstyle step by step:

  • The next time you go for a haircut, tell the dresser to cut side-bangs. Also, get soft highlights done on them.
  • Now wash your hair and dry them properly before you can get them ready with texturing spray.
  • Now pull all your hair back, leaving the bang section to make an untidy and messy bun.
  • Just fix the bun with a clutch clip without even trying to make it look neat. The beauty of this hairstyle is when parts of your hair stick out from here and there.
  • The bangs are left out on your forehead, so you must comb them neatly on either side.
  • Finally, fix the entire hairdo with a light-hold hairspray.

3. Semi-high hair wrapped ponytail

When you consider a list of step by step hairstyles for long hair, this simple hairdo cannot go missed at all. It is a simple ponytail that looks exceptionally stylish and sleek. The fun part is that the hairstyle is illusive. We say this because of the way you have to make the ponytail is effortless, but it confuses people to think that you have put in a lot of effort. You will understand this as you read through the requirements and instructions below.


  • Heat protectant spray/serum
  • Light-hold hairspray
  • Straightening iron
  • Bobby pin
  • Comb with a fine-tooth
  • Hair elastic

Hairstyle step by step:

  • Wash and dry your hair before applying the heat protectant spray/serum
  • Divide your hair into 1-inch sections and straighten all of it
  • Brush all your hair back to tie into a neat ponytail
  • Now from the ponytail itself, pick up a skinny part and wrap it around the hairband that holds the ponytail.
  • Insert the remaining trail of the thin hair section under the ponytail. Fix it nicely with a bobby pin.
  • Finally, use some light-hold spray to set the hairdo, and to make sure that the ponytail remains in place.

4. Side swept bang and a messy side-bun

A list of hairstyles step by step makes it so much easier to style your hair in different ways every day when you step out. Talking about this hairstyle, it is sure one of the most graceful and elegant. You must have always seen celebrities and heroines tying a bun that hangs loose at the nape of their neck. What is better is that the hairstyle is easy to finish and takes only a few minutes. The curly bangs add a soft and romantic effect to your face. Also, it is a good idea for a dinner date.


  • Texturizing spray
  • Light-hold hairspray
  • Heat protectant spray/serum
  • Bobby pins
  • Curling iron
  • Hair elastics
  • Paddle brush

Hairstyle step by step:

  • This one is mainly one of the step by step hairstyles for long hair, and so you must have that length along with proper side bangs.
  • Wash and dry your hair. After the process, you must apply some texturizing spray and heat protectant.
  • Divide your hair into several sections of around 2-inches each. Now curl each section nicely. It sounds lengthy but won’t take much of your time.
  • A paddle brush must be run through your hair to give it that messy look
  • Now bring all your hair to one side of your head and tie an effortless ponytail.
  • Keep rolling the ponytail till you have reached the end of your hair, and tie a loose bun.
  • Fix the bun with the help of bobby pins from all sides
  • Comb your bangs to make them stay on one side. They should be on the side of your forehead.
  • Fix the entire hairstyle with a light-hold hairspray.

5. Messy top-knot

When you want a glamorous look and do not have much time in hand, this hairstyle will appear to you as a complete savior. You are going to ooze out oomph when you step out with this hairstyle. What is more is that it takes almost no time to make this one, and on top of it, it also makes you look taller. So, a natural hairstyle that increases your height. What more can you ask for early in the morning when you are already late for work?


  • Texturizing spray
  • Strong-hold hairspray
  • Comb with fine dents
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair-tie

Hairstyle step by step:

  • Prepare your hair by applying texturizing spray after washing and drying it properly.
  • Take the comb with a fine dent and start combing your hair. Now take all your hair back and up to tie a high ponytail.
  • Now start twisting the ponytail to form a bun on top of your head.
  • Fix the bun with the help of bobby pins from all sides
  • To the braid, use strong-hold hairspray and make sure it stays intact and inform throughout the day.

6. A messy textured hairdo that gives a flowery vibe

The elegant hairstyle looks intricate but is simple, and you will get to know that soon. The textured look and the soft highlights look romantic and dreamy. The messy finesse makes it look effortless too. You can wear this simple hairstyle step by step for an evening event or a traditional function. It goes well if you are wearing a dress or gown. Such hairstyles are so attractive that you will grab the highlight even if you have less make-up on your face.


  • Texturizing spray
  • Medium-hold hairspray
  • Heat protectant spray/serum
  • Bobby pins
  • Curling iron
  • Hair elastics
  • Paddle brush

Hairstyle step by step:

  • Apply heat protectant and texturizing spray on washed and dried hair for starters
  • Divide all your hair into sections of 1-inch each and then roll with curling irons.
  • Start brushing your hair back now
  • Now divide the hair into two equal sections, one on top of another. Now tie two ponytails.
  • Start twisting the lower ponytail, near the neck into a loose bun.
  • Secure the bun with bobby pins from all sides.
  • Now from the top ponytail, start taking out hair in small sections and creating ringlets out of each. Pin each one with a bobby pin, and continue with the next part till you finish.
  • Once you finish, you will find that your hair has an elegant look. Now spray some hairspray of medium-hold to fix the setting of the hairdo.

7. One-sided braid with long and spiral curls

You must have played with a Barbie when you were a little girl, and like all other girls dreamt of looking like one. We all have been through that, and here is one hairstyle to make your dream come true. Imagine those long and loose curls with a braid hidden on the side of your hair. Yes, it is a perfect girly look to sport on a brunch or day out with your girls. Wear a cute summer dress and minimal accessories to make sure that your hairstyle does the rest of the talking.


  1. Texturizing spray
  2. Hair curlers
  3. Bobby pins
  4. Blow dryer
  5. Strong-hold hairspray

Hairstyle step by step:

  • Wash your hair correctly and dry them. Now apply a little amount of texturizing spray to prep your hair for the next steps.
  • Divide all your hair into sections of 3-inches each, and then roll with curling irons.
  • Run a blow dryer to get dry hair.
  • Now remove the curler and comb with a paddle brush to get the messy effect.
  • Do a sharp side-parting after this
  • Start from the side that has less hair. You have to keep braiding your hair from the front and go downwards.
  • You have to make a French braid and reach at least the back of your ear. Once you reach that point, you can simply braid it and fix it with bobby pins.
  • Let the rest of your hair hang loosely from all sides.
  • Secure the hairdo with a strong-hold hairspray.

8. Braided top with smooth layers below

Are you bored with styling your hair in the same old way all the time? Then there is an excellent solution for you. You were wrong if you though poker-straight hair has become dull, and you cannot experiment with it. In this hairstyle, we will teach you how to texture your hair to get an oomph-filled look in spite of having poker-straight hair.


  1. Heat protectant spray/serum
  2. Smoothening serum
  3. Straightening iron
  4. Hair elastic

Hairstyle step by step:

  1. Apply heat protectant spray after washing and drying your hair.
  2. Divide all your hair into sections of 2-inches each, and then straighten till they are poker straight.
  3. Start braiding your hair by taking a section from between both the temples of your forehead.
  4. Once you reach the back of your head, just fix the braid with a hair elastic.
  5. Apply some smoothening serum for a super-polished look.

Final thoughts

Hairstyles are a part of your look whenever you step out, and here we have it almost sorted for you. Just get up and get ready to rock and roll in only a few minutes.

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