Have a Passion for Cooking? 5 Ottawa Careers To Consider

Do you love trying out new ingredients and recipes in the kitchen? Are you the person that everyone turns to for hosting holiday dinners or celebrations? If you have a passion for cooking, then a culinary career may be perfect for you. We’ll explore a few of the top careers that allow you to enjoy your culinary passion each day.


One of the first careers that people think about when considering a passion for cooking is a chef. Chefs work in many different environments, from restaurants to bars and even as a personal chef. Many aspiring chefs earn a certificate through a culinary degree program, but this isn’t always a requirement. The great thing about taking classes is that you can learn unique culinary skills that can make you stand apart from other applicants and land the job.

With so many career options available, evaluating your preferences and needs is always a good idea. Working in a small cafe versus a five-star restaurant offers completely different work experiences for chefs. Some chefs may even find that they prefer a slower-paced work environment as a private chef.


Caterers are in charge of supplying food for special events. A caterer often works with the party planner to create a menu, source ingredients, prepare recipes, and serve the foods in an aesthetically pleasing way. Some caterers may work for an already established catering business, whereas others start their own business. Most caterers will find ample business, especially around the holidays. 

Since many catering events are in the evenings or on the weekends, working as a caterer can be an excellent side gig. Managing catering gigs when you have them and working another, full-time culinary-based career can be a great strategy for building your own business.


Nutritionists use a background in health and culinary arts to help people lose weight or meet their fitness goals. Working as a nutritionist will require a degree and certification, but once you complete all the required training, you can help others develop a healthy passion for food, too. Additionally, the educational requirements for becoming a nutritionist are less than those for a dietician. Some nutritionists may work in a hospital setting, whereas others may offer their services to private clients.

Some nutritionists may even choose to open their own consulting business or health-focused restaurant. Today’s consumers are more interested than ever in food that’s both delicious and nutrient-packed. Creating a menu of health-conscious items will likely be a hit in many Ottawa neighborhoods.

Restaurant Owner

Owning a restaurant allows you to have complete control over your career. Restaurateurs own the restaurant where they work, meaning they’re in charge of creating the menu, setting prices, marketing to customers, and handling issues. As a restaurant owner, you may have less time in the kitchen, but the food you serve is still extremely important to your overall success. 

If restaurant ownership is your career goal, you have a few options available. Aspiring restaurant owners can open up a brand new restaurant or purchase an already existing one in the city they already call home. Finding existing restaurant businesses is easy, and the right one can provide you with a blueprint for success.

Ontario residents can search for a restaurant for sale in Ottawa to discover pizza, cafe, fast food, and food truck businesses that could be a good investment. Of course, it’s important to dive deep into the details of any business you’re considering purchasing. For example, if you want control over the menu, you may want to choose a single business rather than a franchise location.


A baker specializes in bakery items, including cakes, pies, cookies, and brownies. Bakers typically work in a cafe, where they may serve fresh bakery items and other food options. Bakers may also work with event planners to source desserts for guests, whether it’s a wedding cake or breakfast muffins. Many bakers go on to open their own businesses after gaining experience in an already-established bakery. Some bakers may seek formal education and training, which can help with successfully owning a business. Bakers who want to earn even more may consider purchasing a business that sells both food and dessert items.

You can turn your passion for food and recipes into a paying job by becoming a chef, caterer, baker, or nutritionist. Those with a deep interest in both cooking and entrepreneurship may enjoy owning their own restaurant business. Restaurant ownership is an excellent way to control your earnings while working in an industry you love.

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