How much is a Forever Stamp worth?

how much is a forever stamp worth

Forever Stamps are the first-class stamps issued by the postal service of US. The reason why it is so special is that you can purchase them at the first-class postage rate, but they stay valid even when the prices rise. But the question is, how much is a Forever Stamp worth? Here, we will tell you all you need to know about these stamps and how you benefit from it.

Forever Stamps sure are cost-effective for people who frequently use postal services. If you buy one forever stamp at $ 0.50 cents and use it when the postage rate goes to $ 0.55 cents, you save $ 0.05 in the letter you send.

Why buy Forever Stamps in bulk?

US postal service issued Forever Stamps in 2007 and by 2011 almost all stamps they sold were Forever Stamps. You can only purchase the first-class stamps with a particular value stamped on them when you buy them in a bulk of 500 stamps.

The change of first-class stamps works well for people who enter the mail-in sweepstakes. People who assume that the postal rates might rise but will never sink, tend to buy the Forever Stamps in bulk. It is actually a good investment to buy them in a lot and use it as required.

There is an article by Wikipedia that records the history of postage rates in the US. The prices have always risen, and that reassures one’s interest in buying them in bulk.

In the past century, the price of postage stamps had fallen only twice. The first incident happened in 1919 when the price of mailing envelopes dropped from $ 0.0 3 to $ 0.02 cents. The second incident happened in 2016 when the US postal service dropped the first-class postal rate from $0.49 to $0.47 for the standards letters. Although the rate drop, it didn’t stay low for long. The cost hiked up by January 2017 and was again $0.49 as before.

How much is a Forever Stamp worth?

The answer to how much is a Forever Stamp worth keeps changing all the time. Forever Stamps doesn’t come with dollar price printed or stamped on them. The price keeps changing according to the postage rate and that is what you need to pay for.

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You need to check the official website of the United States Postal Service (USPS) to know the current price. So, if you want to send a first-class envelope with the forever stamp right now or tomorrow or next year, you need to pay the current cost. However, as mentioned earlier, if you buy them in bulk, you can use it irrespective of the current cost.

How do Forever Stamps work?

It is simple to use Forever Stamps. You just need to pay the ongoing first-class rate without worrying about the standard cost of letters. Simply stick a forever stamp on a standard-size envelope and drop it in the mailbox.

If your package or letter weighs over an ounce, you can add more than one forever stamp. Every stamp costs as much as you paid for the first one. Now, if you pay $0.49 for the first one and the price rises to $0.50, you are allowed to add two stamps on the package and get postage worth $1 only.

Forever Stamps don’t just work nationally but also internationally. You just have to calculate the rate of the package or international letter and divide the cost by current postage rate. This will help you know how many stamps you need to cover the cost.

We recommend you to get the exact postage at the office or USPS official website instead of using the Forever Stamps. For instance, if one stamp costs $0.49 right now and increases to $0.55 worth of stamps, you will lose out of $0.43 cents when there are two Forever Stamps to use.

Why are Forever Stamps important?

Forever Stamps became a huge thing by 2011 and people started using these stamps for more first-class. By 2015, postage service was extended and more and more postcards had the stamp. This happened because these stamps eliminate the need for customers and postal services to obtain and segregate the denominated stamps to wait for the prices to change. These led to a change in stamp types as the prices started to vary significantly.

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The USPS saves a lot of money as you don’t need to look for or destroy old stamps. Customers are also saved from the inconvenience of having to buy stamps which are worth only a few cents in order to use the older ones if the price is higher.

How are Forever Stamps good for sweepstakes?

If you plan to start mail-in sweepstakes, you must buy Forever Stamps to prevent paying a higher price. For instance, if you mail an envelope with an entry form today you might have to pay $ 0.50 only. But in the future, you might have to pay $ 0.55 for the same. You might think that it is just a matter of $ 0.05, but when you calculate in dozens or hundreds, the cents will add up.

If you stock up Forever Stamps right now, you will not overspend on the sweepstake entries as long as you have them or until the price doesn’t rise. If you assume that the rates might fall in the near future, postpone your bulk purchase for that time.

Where to buy Forever Stamps from?

You can buy the Forever Stamps from a local postal office, by telephone, or online. There are people who buy them from grocery stores, gift shops, and so on.

People living in a different geographical region like Canada will get a similar product sold by Canadian Post. They call it the Permanent Stamp. There are several European countries that have their own kind of Forever Stamps as well. Get through to your local postal office for more details.

How to save cost when purchasing Forever Stamps?

If you want a good bargain on the Forever Stamps, you need to buy them in bulk. You can also look for them eBay as they might cost low. Try choosing cashback deals from credit cards or eBay Bucks.

There are also clubs like Costco that offer discounts on these stamps. See if there is an option to win a gift card that stores the stamps.

Final thoughts

Now that you know how much is a Forever Stamp worth and also where to get them from, it is time you buy them in bulk and use them as required.

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