How to build yourself a smart home?

Your cellphones aren’t the only thing that deserves to be smart in 2019 – your home deserves it too! Smart hubs or smart homes are a way to automate several tasks you manually do at home.

From doorbells to kitchens, the advent of smart hubs is changing lives like never before. Here, we’re going to tell you about the must-have smart home innovations that will first transform your house and then your life!

Types of smart home devices

You’d find several brands selling smart devices, but you first need to know what they do. Check out the most common and useful smart home devices that can add a whole new meaning to your lifestyle:

1. Smart doorbells

Nowadays we don’t have to walk to the front door to find out who is behind it. With smart doorbells, we can monitor who’s at the door and even speak to them through a monitor.

The smart doorbells are easy to install and is enabled with Wi-Fi so you can connect it to other systems in your home. This boosts more security especially if you have kids and pets staying alone for long hours, smart home safety.

2. Smart locks

To add more security for the front door, you can use smart locks. These are enabled with touchpad option and you don’t need to use keys anymore.

Along with basic features like automatic locking, these locks can help you lock or unlock the door through your cellphone. This feature not only secures your home further but works best if you lose the key, for the ones that have keys enabled.

Smart locks allow you to create individual passwords so that different people can access your home at different times. It also notifies you every time someone enters or leaves so you’re always relieved when outdoors.

3. Cameras

Cameras have become a must addition to almost all commercial spaces across the globe. You can add them to your home for both indoor and outdoor security.

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Of course, you don’t need to make your home feel like the set of Big Brother, but it helps you keep an eye on your kids and pets.

Cameras work like a security tool to keep away the possibilities of theft. Since they’re the most common smart home technology, you’d get them really cheap.

4. Smart thermostats

Lately, people have become more conscious of energy efficiency. The technology of smart thermostats can replace your regular thermostats for good. These monitor the usage and optimize energy based on your heating and cooling requirement.

The best is that it adjusts operation by itself and limits energy consumption when people are not around. These features are compatible with apps to help your manually monitor the daily, weekly, or monthly usage. You can make tiny adjustments and save a lot of money with this smart hub addition.

5. Smart outlets

Do you know that plugged-in devices consume power even when they’re not active? It is a state of standby power and it wastes a lot of energy over time.

You must add smart outlets that help you remotely control them and the devices consuming energy. You can automate rules of this sort of energy consumption and align it with your requirements.

6. Smart smoke detectors

The new smart smoke detectors replace the old beeping smoking alarm battery detectors. Nowadays, you get detectors for smoke and carbon monoxide and you simply need to charge them for use.

The technology helps you know exactly where the smoke is coming from and alerts you through notifications on your phone. Many of these are integrated with the new-age thermostats and reacts by switching off the heating system to not aggravate the problem.

It is best to choose the dual option even if they seem expensive. They are worth more and help you secure your home further.

7. Smart vacuums

Lots of households in the US complain how much time it takes to clean their home. It cuts down on people’s productivity elsewhere, while hiring others to do it make it expensive.

With the advent of smart vacuums, you can now skip the manual chore and find your house clean anyway. The smart vacuums or robot vacuums can suck up debris, dirt, pet hair, crumbs, and more. You don’t even need to install them – just charge and switch them on and watch the magic!

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8. Personal assistants

If you think of names like Siri and Alexa when we say personal assistants, you’re so right. Gone are those days when we used to call people and wait for a long time to get their assistance.

Virtual assistants can easily help us through our small devices like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and even your iPhone. From asking for food recipes to giving you Quora answers, they always have relevant results to show you.

9. Smart kitchens

Well, your kitchen cannot cook dinner until you have a robot to help you out. But you can always connect your fridge to the internet and help you listen to music while you bake a cake!

You can also turn to utensils likes smart slow cookers that help you adjust cooking when you’re not at home. Smart plates tell you how many calories you’re consuming to help you watch what you eat. You can also consider buying things like dishwashers and roti makers to automize your kitchen chores further.

10. Smart lights

One of the simplest pieces to add to your smart home is lights. LED lights can prevent 190 terawatts of electricity in the US by 2030. Shifting to LED lights from existing bulbs will save a lot of energy and money. Many of these bulbs are compatible with dimming systems and work better than just fluorescents.

Final thoughts

Transforming your house into a smart hub is a gradual process as it needs a lot of money. You must plan your budget and choose products according to priority. If you’re shifting to a new home, you can always go in for a complete smart home makeover. It will save you money compared to investing in it one product after another.

Make sure you consider security aspects like smart locks and doorbells. These keep you relieved when you’re not at home, but there are others inside. By 2050, most homes across the US is going to become smart homes, so the sooner you upgrade the better.

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