How to look fashionable in different occasions

How to look fashionable in different occasions

Fashion means self-expression, self-empowerment, and self-confidence. Your jewelry, accessory, dress, shoes etc showcase your style. They tell more about the personality. The fashion world has changed a lot in the last few decades. There have been multiple dresses for different occasions and it is reflected in how fashion recruitment is conducted as well.

Fashion is all about style, status, event etc.  Your dressing should make sense as per the event. Any mistake or stupidity can make you feel embarrassed in public. You need to have perfect knowledge about fashion trends. They keep on changing. Given below are dresses for various events.

  1. Business meetings

Be it an office party or business luncheons, one has to be simply dressed. You can look simple yet perfect with smart casuals. Women can wear pants, pencil skirts and men will be suggested to wear dressy trousers, a collared shirt, and loafers or you could go all out with a business suit. High heels will make the look perfect for women. Be classy in your official parties.

  1. Church

If you are going to church for prayer, then avoid wearing jeans. Don’t mistake wearing shoes. You can put on pants and pair it up with bow or buckle. Men are suggested to wear trousers and a dress shirt. One can wear a tie if he wants.

  1. Invitation to dinner

Be it the country club or dinner at a friend’s house, one should be decent. Women can wear an open-necked or polo shirt. Even dresses and skirts will make the look perfect. Don’t forget to complete your  minimal look with green gemstone necklace or earrings. Even men can wear an open-necked or polo shirt. Such kind of look appears to be best when worn for any event on cruise lines or restaurants.

  1. Official party

Women should wear a skirt, khakis, or dress pants at a corporate party. They should be casually dressed. Even long sleeve or three-quarter sleeve tops will work. For men wearing a tie is not compulsory. Just because you are going to a business lunch meeting, you can wear a blazer or a sports coat. Such look can be carried easily and comfortably.

  1. Friend’s birthday party
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If you are going to any social gathering then wearing a black will be the best choice. Women are suggested to wear a short black dress. You can add a if you wish.  Men can opt for a dark suit, coat, and tie. No doubt you will look dapper in dark jeans paired with a jacket and tie. This look can be taken for adult birthday parties.

  1. Engagement

Be it engagement party or snacks time it will be better if you wear something simple. Don’t mistake wearing a sparkling dress. Men can choose a dark suit for the occasion. Women can wear any light color. In addition, if you want to make sure you shine for that big day as well, learn how to polish silver jewellery and make it look brand new. Visit Blank Label for custom fitting suits for formal events

  1. Wedding

Wedding means glamour, gracefulness, and beauty. Women don’t miss out a chance to look fashionable. You will look glamorous in a long gown or cocktail dress. A clutch and simple jewelry will complete the look. Men will look dapper in a dark suit or a suit for a wedding. A dark suit matched with a white shirt and solid color tie will be completely perfect. Don’t wear white at the wedding. You should not wear dresses which are revealing. Remember to be casually and fashionably dressed.

  1. Prom

Women should wear something sparkling on prom night. Long dresses can be worn but it should suit the personality. Women can also opt for short dresses but it should not be too shorter. Remember you need to look elegant. Make a decision as per your body type. Don’t mistake wearing a bright color.

  1. Interview

Well, interviews are meant to be formal, smart and descent. You should choose something which you look confident. Opt for any professional attire for the important day. Being women you need to look beautiful too. It will be better if you wear pants and pair it with a blazer. You can even wear skirts but the length needs to be taken care of. Wearing hills will be perfect but the height should be sensible. Don’t forget to put some perfume. Men can wear pants and jackets. Statement tie will make you well dressed.

  1. First date

Women can wear something fancy on her first date. Fancy dress, fancy shoes, fancies accessories will make you look amazing. Wear something vibrant. You need to look seductive on a romantic day. Wear peach, yellow, or red and steal the heart of your bae. Men need to have a cool look. Wearing jeans will make you look comfortable and appealing.

  1. Beach party

You need to have a casual look for the beach party. Wear something cozy. Women can wear a  designer swimwear or a bikini or beach dresses with cute tops. Summer colors will be an apt choice. You can also wear accessories but it should be easy for you to take it off. A floral dress will be a perfect choice. Don’t wear jeans. Men can wear a sleeveless shirt with Bermuda. Even open shirts with shorts will be perfect.

  1. Cocktail party

Well for a cocktail party one must look glamorous. Women should focus more on knee length dresses. Tailored pants or fancy heels will make your fashionista. But the signature dress for the cocktail party is a short black dress matched with some jewelry. Men need to wear something casual. It is because these kinds of parties are neither too formal nor too casual.

  1. Nightclubs

Women can wear tight trousers, mini-skirts, and dresses. Generally, stylists are seen in animal prints or eye-catching accessories. You should wear shoes instead of heels. It will make you comfortable throughout the party. Even wearing a blazer will be a perfect choice. Don’t wear revealing dresses or warm dresses. Men can wear blue denim and white sneakers. Fashion experts suggest plain t-shirts or polo t-shirts. Formal shoes will give comfortable look.

The notion

Wearing an apt dress as per the occasion will not only make you look stylish but also a star. You should know what to wear and when. Get ready to heal the show with smart dressing sense. Carry your style with ease.

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