How to pick your signature perfume?

Have you ever walked past someone and found them extremely attractive because their perfume game was on point? Do you wish you had a signature perfume that defines your personality and becomes a part of you?

Very often, people want to have a particular type of perfume as their signature smell and that’s their go-to option. You soon get accustomed to the smell and it becomes a part of your body.

If perfumes are one of the body beautifying elements you love to add to your collection, you’d want to find out your signature smell for sure.

People who get through to their ideal perfume use it to define themselves. Others who meet you often will soon be able to relate to your presence as it brings a specific kind of smell close to their nasal senses.

Picking the best perfume type

To choose the ideal perfume that suits your personality, you need to get the lingo right. Here, we’re going to help you know about several aspects of perfumes so that you can reach your ideal pick quicker.

1. Knowing the difference between EDP and EDT

If you’ve ever visited a store or found products online, you’d see a basic difference between two perfume types and their names. One is called Eau de Parfum and the other is called Eau de Toilette.

Parfum happens to be stronger, more expensive and usually made of the richest fragrant oils. The commonly used perfume that you spray every day is EDT. These last your around 4 hours and are affordable for daily wear.

Both of these kinds can fit into your signature style. The strength of EDP and EDT isn’t important to finalize your signature style. But quality is an essential consideration that you need to keep in mind.

2. Choices

Every perfume is made of different types of ‘notes’. These determine the smell of perfume in an overall. There are three layers of notes – top, middle and base notes. They all work together to give you the perfect combination.

Suppose you choose a perfume because it primarily is floral-based. You’d find it include rose, geranium or gardenia as their primary notes. If you choose a perfume that is citrusy, you’d find lemon, orange, and apple notes. There are more notes in each perfume type, but primarily exhibit the smell of one.

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There are many exotic perfumes that include spicy notes like cinnamon, star anise, and more. Men’s cologne includes several notes even when most of them tend to like perfumes that have a masculine touch. Their colognes primarily include musk scents, pine, and sometimes are leather-based. To add more twist to men’s cologne, some perfumes have fruity additions too.

You must determine the type of smell you like, to know what suits you best. Your taste and preferences have a lot to say about your personality. You don’t always need to choose options that seem correct, you should look out for options that smell and feel correct too.

3. Trial and test

Large and branded perfumes that are extremely costly, but usually come with smaller trial packs. Until you find the perfect perfume for yourself, we recommend you to try and test several good perfumes.

There are innumerous brands that you must consider trying. Some of them to name are Nautica, Versace, Calvin Klein, Guess, Mont Blanc, Chanel, and more.

You can buy the trail packs to see if their smell works for you. The best thing about buying perfume from stores is that you get testers to check how well they are. Thus, you don’t even need to pay for every trial-sized product.

4. Choosing concentration

There are four types of concentration levels of perfumes. The higher the level of concentration is the higher the price of the product. If you’re looking forward to spending quite a large amount on Parfum, you can choose one good product instead of buying more at a lesser cost. Parfums make your body smell well for at least six hours or more.

5. Choosing the right one

If people tell you that the smell is wearing out, you just have to take the right step to fix it. You need to know when to wear what and the right time to repeat spray when it starts to fade.

Ask yourself if you’re wearing the perfume in the right place. If you’re in the right place but your heart doesn’t agree, you might consider changing the type of perfume you choose.

6. Hormonal changes

If you recently went through hormonal conditions like illness, menopause, and pregnancy, your perfume might not work as it used to for your skin.

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You might think that the quality has gone down, but it is actually how it brings changes in color, odor, and texture.

You need to keep perfumes in a cool and dark place. If you maintain a good perfume for years, it will serve you at its best!

7. Know how to test

To know what type of perfume you want, you need to first test different types of them. Mere testers might not always be a clear way to measure that. You also need to know how to test it right to be able to know the exact fragrance.

You will need to pass simple stiff tests by taking turns and using perfumes one by one. It helps you understand each type of smell better and lets you explore until you get the perfect match.

Our body has unique codes due to our hormones and pheromones. They can change the effect of a fragrance slightly or entirely.

You should first add spray to your wrist and wait for a few minutes. You can then smell the perfume to know the exact fragrance it offers. When you add to any other body part, it might smell differently. Always depend on your wrist to give you the exact fragrance.

8. Using the one

After you go through extensive research, you will realize that your favorite perfume was near you all the time but took you long to find it. To get closer to the ideal type of perfume, only look for those notes in perfumes that suit your taste.

If you want woody notes, you’d look for masculine colognes that are strong and sensual. These include more of spices and less of flowers. On the contrary, floral perfumes will include the goodness of flowers and citrus extracts. If that is the type you’re looking for, you must look for more options with such notes.

Final thoughts

Finding your ideal perfume can be a life-long process, especially when you’re confused about the notes. You just need to keep on trying as many as possible to find the ideal one for you.

There are many people who customize perfume by measuring the right types and level of notes they want to mix to create their signature style. This is an ultimate way of possessing the signature perfume because no one else but you will own it!

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