How to Save When You Renew Your License for Checkpoint

Save Renew License Checkpoint

Today many individuals and businesses rely on computer networks to perform various tasks. The reason behind the adoption of these networks is their ability to complete complex tasks fast and efficiently. How to Save When You Renew Your License for Checkpoint. 

However, there are several bottlenecks that you can face using these networks. They include cyber-attacks and other computer mischief. As such, it is crucial to protect your computer network against such harm. Many computer owners use firewalls towards this end. 

Numerous companies provide firewall licenses for computer network protection. Nonetheless, checkpoint is one of the most popular because of its excellent ability to protect computer networks. 

What Is a Checkpoint? 

This is a computer firewall suited for small and medium enterprises. This firewall is easy to understand and manipulate. The checkpoint is tailored to block any harm breaching your computer network while only letting in suitable applications and software. Moreover, it gets updated automatically. 

What does this firewall focus on? 

As opposed to other firewalls, checkpoint primarily focuses on preventing maleficence from breaching your computer network rather than detecting them. It can accomplish this task effectively because of its advanced threat detection package, including next-generation firewall technologies and a zero-day protection package. 

The tasks that its package can accomplish include IPS, application control, advance URL filtering, Provision of antiviruses and anti-bot, email security, policy management, and monitoring and event management. 

Checkpoints firewall is customized to meet all your computer network needs. So, you may either decide to use the default or ignore them. If you need to command the system to perform a given task for you, you can depend on a checkpoint to provide you with a suitable way of achieving this. Moreover, as opposed to other vendors, a checkpoint gives you excellent visibility into your environment. 

Do Checkpoint Firewalls Expire? 

When your checkpoint license expires, you will be barred from using admin tools. Nonetheless, the management checkpoint licenses are usually permanent. 

Just like the management licenses, the gateway licenses are usually permanent. If you are using gateway, and your licenses expire, the gateway will carry on with the policy you updated recently. You should note that you won’t be able to change the policy or use any service-based subscriptions when this happens. 

How To Check the Clusters of Your Checkpoint Firewall That Are Active

There are various ways in which you can do this within the GUI. Below are three ways you can accomplish this: 

  1. If you are using R77.x or other earlier versions, you can check your smart view monitor. 
  2. If you are using R80.x or other later versions, the procedure will be different. 
  • Go to Gateways and servers.
  • Highlight the cluster/GW in question and then click on devise and license information at the bottom
  • A smartview monitor and ClusterXL should be among the listings that appear
  1. Suppose you are using R80.x on Management. You could run a script against the GW using the cphaprob command. When using Gateways and servers, you should run the body of the script as the command. After completion, it will show on the bottom left corner. 

How Do You Save When You Renew Your License For Checkpoint?

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Below are several ways in which the checkpoint license can be renewed. 

  • Installation of a local license through CLI

Here are the steps to follow suppose you are installing the renewal manually:

  • Connect your computer network to the command line
  • Login to the expert mode 
  • Run the renewal command 

If you are importing the license from a license file, then here are the steps to follow:

  • Connect your computer network to the command line
  • Log in your computer into expert mode
  • Then run the license renewal command
  • Installing the renewal license using SmartUpdate

Here are the steps to follow when adding the license from the license file

  • First, connect with SmartUpdate GUI to domain management server/ security management server
  • Select the launch menu, after which you should select the Licenses and contracts menu
  • Then select add license from file 
  • Finally, select the appropriate license file to be imported

Steps to follow when adding the license manually 

  • Start the process by connecting with the SmartUpdate GUI to the domain management server or security management server
  • Click on the link menu, then select the launch menu
  • Select the licenses and contact menu 
  • Click on add licenses manually
  • Copy the entire cplic puta string that contains the license renewal date
  • Click on copy
  • Finally, click on paste
  • Installing a license in SecurePlatform WebUI

You can also save your checkpoint license renewal in SecurePlatform WebUI using the following steps:

  • First login into SecurePlatform WebUI using a web browser
  • Click on product configuration when it appears on the left window pane of your computer
  • Then click on licenses
  • Copy the entire cplic string that contains the data of the license renewal
  • Click paste license. 
  • Then click apply to complete the process
  • Installing License with Gaia Portal 

Here are the steps you should follow if you decide to follow the Gaia Portal route: 

  • Using a browser, login into the Gaia Portal
  • In the left pane of the screen that appears, go to the maintenance section 
  • Then click on the license pane
  • Copy the cplic string in its entirety 
  • Click on new
  • Then paste the entire cplic string on the new page 
  • Finally, click on ok

You can also save your license renewal using R80.10 software blade license management.

Where Can I Renew My Checkpoint Firewall License?

After the expiration of your checkpoint licenses, there is a need to renew them to continue enjoying the services. But where can I renewal my Checkpoint firewall license? The renewal services are mainly provided at the checkpoint user center. 

However, you can also renew your checkpoint firewall license at Corporate Armor at a considerable fee and continue enjoying the enhanced computer network protection that this firewall provides. Other entities also provide the renewal services. 

How Do I Generate An Evaluation License Checkpoint? 

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Below are the steps you can follow if you want to evaluate your license checkpoint: 

  • First, you should log in to the user center.
  • On the top part, you will see the “Try our products” menu.  Click on the product evaluation section. 
  • Select the next evaluation you want to undertake by clicking the next button
  • Then select the User Center account. 
  • Enter the evaluation information, then click on the sign and proceed
  • At this point, the evaluation license is added to your User Center Account. You will receive an email notifying you of the availability of the evaluation license.
  • You can create the license file from the generated evaluation, along with the instructions on how to apply it. Select it, and then click on the license button to complete the process.

Reasons Why You Should Use Checkpoint Firewall

  • Significant Value from the firewall

Checkpoint provides one of the best firewall services. This firewall is arguably the best provider for businesses requiring granular security features suited for hybrid and complex environments. As such, when using its firewall, you are assured of getting value for your money.

  • Effective implementation of the firewalls

This firewall focuses on preventing malwares rather than detecting them. As such, it ensures that your computer network is safe from any maleficence and cyber-attacks. Moreover, it is easy to manipulate. You, therefore, won’t have to incur more costs on looking for a technician to help you in the implementation and deployment of the firewall. 

  • Response to customer complaints

The checkpoint company institutes a strong channel and partner program that ensures effective communication with the various customers using its firewall. Customer complaints are usually attended to promptly to help the customer continue using the firewalls without any glitches. 

  • It offers excellent cloud features. 

Checkpoint is arguably the best cloud feature provider. Its checkpoint vSEC virtual appliances support a wide range of environments, including KVM, Open stack, Google Cloud, Azure, HyperV, VMware, and Cisco ACI. 

  • Security and performance 

Checkpoint excels in ensuring that your computer network is free from any threats. It accomplishes this feat because of its 15600 next-generation threat prevention appliances that can block various attacks. It is estimated that its ability to keep threats at bay is around 99.6%.

  • High intelligence levels

This firewall has a sandblast zero-day protection system that can stop attacks at the CPU level before they have a chance to launch. It monitors the CPU based on instruction flow for exploits attempting to bypass the operating system’s hardware controls. It sends each new threat that it detects to the threat cloud ecosystem, thereby protecting other checkpoint-connected devices. 

  • Cost friendly pricing

Even though this firewall has excellent protection capabilities, the cost of acquiring it is affordable. The prices range from $499 to prevent 730 office threats to a few hundred dollars for a classic-based 64000 security system.

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