HYIP projects: features and types

HYIP projects: features and types

If you are thinking about investments, you must have heard about so-called HYIP-projects. They are special high-yield investment programs, which yield from 16 up to 100% per year, even per month. It is noteworthy that the classical HYIP is a usual pyramid scheme. It works as long as there is money flowing into it. When it decreases or the payout becomes larger than the income, the HYIP closes.

You have to know how to use projects like this properly. Firstly, you can act as an investor and invest money in them. If you do it in the early stages, you will get a good return. Secondly, you can order a turnkey HYIP and own it. In this case you will be able to earn good money and make serious profit. It should be noted that a HYIPin USA is not just a website which attracts investments. First of all, it is an original idea, a legend and a name. Investors will only invest in projects that are talked about, not in an unknown portal with 1-5 visitors a day. 

Types of HYIP-projects

In most cases HYIP-projects are divided according to their profitability. They can be:

  1.     With a small percentage of profit. Usually it is 15% per month. Such services can work up to a year or more, and it is in them that many invest money at the start.
  2.     With a medium percentage of profit. Considered the most common. As a rule, their income ranges from 15 to 45-50%. Live differently, depending on the idea and implementation. They usually last up to 6 months.
  3.     With a high percentage of profit. Offer returns of 50 to 100%. Attract money extremely aggressively and can live from a few days to 2-3 months.

If you are planning to order a turnkey HYIP, it is best to stop at low-medium-budget projects. They take longer to pay off, but they bring stable income for months or even years, working in automatic mode.  

HYIP projects: features and types

Marketing methods

The key to a HYIP is not just the interest rate, but also the way it is paid out. There are several basic options:

  1.     Classic HYIPs. They work according to the classic deposit scheme with interest payments once a week or a month. They are good in that they accustom users to playing long term.
  2.     Fasts (translated from English as fast). Usually have a high yield with a minimum investment term (e.g. a day or an hour). They work very little, but if you have time, you can earn good money.
  3.   Queue. Payouts of earnings are made after a new participant enters the project and contributes the required amount.
  4.     Money Box. In such project you can take away the body of the investment at any time, but the longer it lies, the more profits come.
  5.     MLM structure. It is similar to networks in its principle. Each person builds their own client base, receiving referrals, gifts, ranks, etc.

There are other varieties of investment HYIPs: there are more than 20 in total. The main thing to understand is that the more original your idea and execution are, the more clients will decide to make an investment. So you don’t just copy a HYIP from an existing one. It is better to turn to professionals, and they will develop a beautiful legend for you, create a full-fledged website and promote it on specialized forums, search engines, social networks, etc.

How much does it cost? It all depends on what you want to get. You can buy a small project for a couple of hundred dollars. A really high-quality development, with its own legend, context, promotion and support will cost several thousand. But in any case, all the costs incurred will be recouped many times over and you will be able to make a steady profit.

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