Ideal Process to Follow After a Boating Accident in San Diego

a Boating Accident

The number of a boating accident in San Diego has increased by over 28% since 2017. Therefore, the state government and the USCGPB have set strict regulations to prevent these accidents from occurring. 

The most significant danger associated with boat accidents could result in fatal injuries or even secondary drowning injuries. After a boating accident, the first thing to do is to ensure that everyone is safe and get help and medical attention if necessary. Thereafter, it is important to consult with an expert personal injury attorney San Diego who can help you establish negligence in a boating accident. 

These experts can help you win the highest compensation you are eligible for in the scenario of a boating accident caused due to the negligence of the other party. The investigators of the accident may ask for your boating license & if you didn’t have any, contact  Aceboater  now to get yourself a registered boating license.

Get Medical Help

As per reports, San Diego witnesses around 60 deaths by drowning every year. Accidents during a boat ride can get fatal.  Therefore, it’s vital to ensure that everyone involved in the accident is safe. Secondary drowning can be a severe injury that triggers harsh consequences. So it’s vital to get immediate medical attention even if you have no bruises or apparent injuries.

Report the Accident

There are over 4,996 registered recreational boats in San Diego. As per California state laws, the boat owner must report the accident to the boat accident division of DBW within 48 hours after the accident. 

This step is crucial if the accident resulted in deaths, disappearance, injuries that need medical attention (beyond first aid), complete vessel loss, or property damages exceeding $500. 

Even if the accident didn’t result in immediate deaths, the boat owners should report the accident in 10 days. Failure to report the accident may be considered a misdemeanor and have serious consequences. 

Call Your Personal Injury Lawyer

It’s best to call your San Diego personal injury lawyer before interacting with the State authorities, police, or coast guard professionals. Your lawyer will help you understand the event from a legal perspective and help you adopt the best strategies to seek compensation. 

Additionally, lawyers know the statutes and legal provisions surrounding boating accidents. For instance, if you plan to seek compensation, you must file for the same within two years from the accident date as per California’s statute of limitations. 

Your personal injury attorney can guide you on these provisions and ensure you meet all necessary legal compliances.

Collect Relevant Evidence

Statistics show that boat operators were liable for over 28% of boating accidents in San Diego. If you wish to file a boat accident claim, you must collect the necessary evidence to build a strong case. Medical bills, repair bills, pictures, videos, and witness statements can considerably improve your chances of winning the case. 

Your lawyer will assess this evidence, study the facts of your case and then use the applicable legal provisions and sections to construct arguments and prepare written submissions for the court.

Proving Negligence or Liability

The most common causes of San Diego boating accidents include failure to comply with waterway traffic rules, defective equipment and tools, reckless operation, etc.

To be eligible for personal injury compensation consequent to a boat accident in San Diego, you will first have to prove specific things. 

After proving that the accident occurred and that you sustained personal injury damages or property damages (or both), you must prove that the boat operator or other responsible party is liable for your damages. 

An experienced boat accident lawyer can help you establish the other person’s liability and calculate the amount of compensation you are eligible for. 

Filing for Compensation

The final step is to file for personal injury damages. Ensure that you hand over all necessary documents and information to your lawyer. You may also need litigation services if your case goes to court.

Wrapping Up

Your personal injury attorney in San Diego can help you claim damages after a boating accident. These experts can negotiate with the other party’s insurance company and even help you find certified doctors to get medical bills and treatments.


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