5 Ways to Incorporate Faith Into Your Everyday Life

5 Ways to Incorporate Faith Into Your Everyday Life

Growing your relationship with God should be a priority. There is a misconception that consistent work will not do much in terms of your personal relationship with God. The ability to be able to pray in order to clear your mind to ask for guidance can help you through the toughest periods of your life. Incorporating your faith into your life is far easier than you would imagine. Your faith shouldn’t be reserved for Sundays or other days of the week you attend church. The following are ways to incorporate your faith into your daily life. 

Go to Church Daily 

Most of those with intense faith want to become closer to God and grow their personal relationship. Going to church daily does not mean that you have to go to a service. The odds are that there will not be a convenient service to go to daily if you have a varying work schedule. Going to church simply to pray is an option where you can really connect with God. Praying at home is important but there are so many distractions that can interrupt deep thought. Look at the various churches in your area to see if there is a service that fits in with your schedule. 

Decorate Your Room to Express Your Faith

Your room is your haven from the rest of the world so decorating it to express your faith is a great option. You can go online to find different items that speak to you. Many people have crucifixes in their rooms if they are of the Christian faith. You will have other interests so your room does not have to just be decorated around your faith. Having a few passages from your favorite books of The Bible can provide guidance when you have to make a tough choice. 

Use Your Phone to Help Deepen Your Faith

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Smartphones can be used for a distraction but they can also be a tool that you use to strengthen your faith. Christian wallpaper is available to download so you can get a reminder each time you look at your phone of God. Using this phone to talk with others in forums on faith can also be quite educational. Do not underestimate what you can learn from others and not just God about faith. There are also apps that are great as they provide passages from The Bible to help you throughout your day. 

Write in Your Prayer Journal

Getting a prayer journal where you can reflect on certain passages of scripture or tough days is important. Being able to look back at these tough times can help provide guidance for future challenges. Decorate your journal with items that you believe express your relationship with God. Keep your journal private as it likely will have quite personal notes written. 

Help Someone in Need 

There are so many opportunities to help those that are in need daily. You want to be a servant of God so helping the least fortunate in society is a perfect place to start. Meals on Wheels is a program that helps bring food to those that might be immobile or cannot cook for themselves. Being able to bring light and a smile to a person that might have limited contact with the outside world due to their age is what God would want. Companies have been finding ways to use or switch up their products or services to help others in need, such as dog food drives or donating masks. However, you don’t have to be a company or business to have a big impact and do your part. Local food banks and homeless shelters are other options. You do not have to donate your money but rather your time as this is much more valuable. 

As you can see your faith can be incorporated into nearly everything that you do in your daily life. The best thing that you can do is write out your daily routine in a detailed way. You might find that you have extra time to pray or reflect instead of playing a game on your smartphone. Assess the time that you waste daily and replace it with something that will incorporate your faith, you won’t regret it!

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