INFP Anime Characters

INFP Anime Characters


The public loves Animes, and recently it has been witnessed that people are showing an inclination toward the anime characters. This is why if we take a look, we will come to know that INFP anime characters are trending on the internet nowadays. There is also a class of people unaware of these details and characters. This is why it rests upon the shoulders of the researchers to bring the details of these characters in front of the public.

If we talk about the love of people for these animes and the reason behind it, then we will find that the belief in the cause and the conviction of the amines that they tend to utilize to turn this world into heaven makes them intriguing. But although there are thousands of anime characters, you cannot relate to all of them if you are an INFP. A few will be able to stand true to your expectations.

INFP Anime Characters And Their Specialties

Many animated characters in the past have made a name for themselves among the general public. But for INFPs, it might not be very attractive. Thus, the list of some of the best INFP anime characters is assembled to help you choose your favorite one.

1.      Alphonse Eric

This is one of the most important anime characters that you will always find listed at the top of the collection. The reason is that he is an idealistic character who has a caring nature too. We can say that he loves helping anyone who comes across him. If we observe his actions, we can say that he has a strong moral compass that guides him to do the right things and refrain from the worst.

Alphonse Eric

Also, Alphonse is a character of integrity, and he likes to be protective of everyone around him, which makes him the best INFP character. You might be wondering where you could find Alphonse, then let us tell you that he is a character from Fullmetal Alchemist.

2.      Gaara

We all loved Naruto at some stage in our lives, and Gaara is one of the main anime characters of the series. Now, if we compare Gaara with Alphonse, we will come to know that the characteristics of this anime character have healthy and unhealthy aspects. The character had a traumatic childhood which impacted hugely upon his attitude.


Now, if we talk about his nature, then during his childhood days, he was a very affectionate child. Still, with the passage of time and the hardships of life, a change in his personality was observed, and as a result, we came across the dark side of his personality. Thus, his affectionate nature was eradicated.

3.      Akane Tsunemori 

Akane is a character from Psycho-Pass, and she is one of the most idealistic characters you will come across in the animated world. If we take a look, we will come to know that Akane is extremely insightful, and it is her inner sense of justice that drives him in his life.

Akane Tsunemori 

Also, her career life has a huge impact on her attitude. Since we know that she is a professional detective, this makes her shy in most aspects, but you will also find her prone to bouts of anger. Her way of looking at life’s reality is completely different from the rest of the characters, which makes her one of the most admirable characters for the INFPs.

4.      Shinji Ikari

Shinji is an animated character from Evangelion. If we try to understand his personality, we will find some of the characteristics as shyness and selflessness on top of all. Also, melancholy is a part of his character. Since he has to come across several challenges that require him to save the fate of the world and preserve the integrity of mankind, this is why Shinji withdraws into himself.

Shinji Ikari

You will always find him living within himself, and he is always worried that he might get too close to the people. To satisfy his comfort needs, he moves towards music. One of the most important things about him is that he is always searching for the purpose of his life. Thus, we can say that he has all the characteristics an INFP admires.

5.      Tamaki Amajiki

My hero academia is the best place to find superheroes, and Tamaki’s character is one of them. He can be categorized as the sense perceiving type in the film world. For those who are in search of a perfect example of an INFP superhero, Tamaki is the perfect example. You will never find him bragging about his abilities, and he does not want to be a show-off.

Tamaki Amajiki

We can say that he is one of the modest anime characters we will come across in our lives. Also, he takes his guidance from his heart which is his true source of power. Since his character is quiet but compassionate, this is something that the INFPs can relate to.

6.      Levy McGarden

Life is not a fairy tale, but the character of Levy McGarden belongs to the series “Fairy Tail”. She is one of the most important anime characters because she takes her guidance from her heart, which is something very adorable. Also, to succeed in your life, you must have a set of values that you should follow to make your life better.

Levy McGarden

Levy is a person of value with a kind heart, and her cheerful nature makes the people around her forget their miseries. It is extremely difficult to do good to the ones who are bad. If we talk about Levy, then we will come to know that she is a character who has the quality to see good in those who are brutal. Most INFPs can relate to this characteristic.

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Life is all about finding the people and characters that are true to your liking. The INFP anime characters mentioned above will help you get an idea about the characteristics of these phenomena. Surely you can relate to many of them.

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