Involved in a Car Accident in Raleigh? Here are 4 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid

When you are involved in an accident in Raleigh, most people tend to make mistakes that negatively impact your ability to file a claim. Whether it’s a major wreck or a minor fender blender, getting into an accident can be a chaotic experience. You are entitled to get sufficient compensation for your auto repair costs, lost wages, medical bills, and other expenses by filing a car accident injury claim. 

However, most people often feel they are not hurt and may want to apologize. This is one of the mistakes that most people make, which often impacts a legal case. For this reason, you must contact a reputable car accident lawyer serving Raleigh, NC, who can help you understand the biggest mistakes to avoid after a car accident. They can also tell you ways to prevent them and represent you legally to ensure you get compensated. This blog post will explore the biggest mistakes to avoid when involved in a car accident in Raleigh.

Admitting Fault After the Accident

Even though you might get confused after an accident, trying to apologize or admit fault at the scene of an accident is a major mistake most people make. Note that any statement made by any party at the accident site can be used as evidence in a civil claim or trial. It might mean you might be held accountable for the accident and not compensated even if you didn’t cause the accident. It’s why you shouldn’t say anything about fault because the statement might not be accurate, and you might be responsible under the contributory negligence law.

Making Recorded Statement

Insurance companies often devise ways to reduce the compensation or not compensate you at all. That’s why they will always call someone within hours of the accident and ask you to write a statement. This statement is often designed to lead you into making statements that allow the insurance company to deny any claim you make based on contributory negligence. To avoid making such a statement, you must engage your attorney quickly after the accident and before making a statement with the insurance company.

Based on your attorney’s findings, they will determine whether or not to give the insurance company a recorded statement. If they decide you need to provide a statement, they will prepare you to ensure you make no mistake that could harm the client.

Cashing a Check

If given any check designed to pay part of your claim, you must be careful before accepting and cashing it. That is because you might be giving up your right to further payment. Even though getting property damage or one designed for repairs is fine, you must check with your attorney.

Failure to Get a Medical Assessment

After an accident, whether you are injured or feel okay, you need to be checked by a professional healthcare provider to assess if you might have any underlying issues. Failure to follow the medical advice or seek medical care can negatively impact your claim. The insurance company can assume you were not hurt as badly as you claimed.

Contact a Reputable Lawyer

These are significant mistakes most people make when involved in an accident, leading to little or no compensation. To avoid all this hassle, hire a reputable and experienced accident lawyer to help you fill your claim.


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