Jo Koy Net Worth: How Wealthy Is the Golden Globes Host?

Jo Koy Net Worth: How Wealthy Is the Golden Globes Host?

Stand-up comedian Jo Koy is loved by all for his innate sense of humor. His impressive career and worldwide popularity make him a rich man who enjoys a lavish lifestyle. So, his fans around the globe are intrigued to know Jo Koy net worth, his relationships, and his achievements. From his lucrative Golden Globes salary to his personal life – let’s find out everything about the Hollywood celeb.

Jo Koy bio

Name Joseph Glenn Herbert/ Jo Koy
Profession Actor & Stand-up Comedian
Age 52
DOB June 2, 1971
Place of Birth Tacoma, Washington, the United States
Education University of Nevada in Las Vegas
Spouse Angie King (divorced in 2013)
Children 1
Parents Josie Harrison (mother) and John C. Herbert (father)
Years active 1989- present
Ethnicity Mixed
Nationality American

Net worth Jo Koy

A multi-millionaire, Jo Koy is one of the wealthiest comic performers in the world. He has several sources of income like business ventures and income from comedy shows and movies. So, what is Jo Koy net worth as of now?

In 2024, the net worth of Jo Koy is $15 million. Koy’s annual salary as a comedian comprises the majority of his net worth. Additionally, he owns a huge mansion, multiple extravagant cars, and 10 other properties. He earns $300k every month as rental income and he consistently invests in the stock market.

Koy’s collection of cars comprises 10% of his net worth. He has signed a contract with Netflix and will get $2.5 million from this OTT platform.

Now have a look at how the net worth of Jo Koy keeps increasing steadily:

Net worth Year
Jo Koy net worth in 2024 $15 million
Jo Koy net worth in 2023 $15 million
Jo Koy net worth in 2022 $10 million
Jo Koy net worth in 2021 $5 million

Early life

Joseph Glenn Herbert was born on June 2, 1971, in Tacoma, Washington. His father was a Caucasian and his mother was a beautiful Filipina woman. His father served in the US Air Force and he met his mother when he was posted in the Philippines. Joseph’s childhood was spent in Tacoma and he went to Foss High School.

To look after Joseph’s sick grandmother, his family relocated to Las Vegas after he completed high school. He became a student at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas but dropped out for pursing stand-up comedy. Even when he was in school, he always knew he wanted to become a comedian.

As a child, Joseph was extremely attached to his mother as she supported him immensely. He frequently mentions her in his shows and reminisces how she motivated him to chase his dreams. She made sure he always participated in talent shows and he often gave impromptu performances to relatives. This helped him acquire the confidence to perform boldly at a coffee house in Las Vegas.


The name of Koy’s ex-wife is Angie King and he was married to her for many years. In 2013, the couple unexpectedly parted ways and they preferred not to talk much about it publicly. Koy and Angie’s son, who was born in 2003, resides with his father in Los Angeles.

In September 2021, eight years after his divorce, Koy took to social media to let his fans know that he was dating Chelsea Handler. Unfortunately, in July 2022, they declared on Instagram that they weren’t together anymore.


Jo Coy’s first job as a stand-up comedian was at a club situated in Las Vegas. Soon, he got the opportunity to perform regularly on Catch a Rising Star. His first appearance on TV was on Comic View and he featured on 2 consecutive seasons.

Koy kept getting offers to perform on stand-up specials such as Jamie Foxx Presents: Laffapalooza! He also appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

What makes Jo Koy a charismatic personality is the fact that people can relate to his jokes. The charming Jo Koy recently hosted the 91st Golde Globe Awards on 7th Jan 2024. He is currently working on his upcoming projects which include 5 comedy specials on Netflix and Comedy Central.

Jo Koy movies

Easter Sunday was released in August 2022 and the audience was thrilled to see Jo Koy as the protagonist. He played the character of Joe Valencia with such grace that everyone loved and appreciated him in this movie. Koy has showcased his acting skills in other movies like Leo and the Monkey King.

Both The Monkey King and Leo are animated comedies liked by children and adults alike. Haunted Mansion hit the screens in 2023 and Justin Simien directed this horror film starring Jo Koy.

In addition to live shows, The Koy Pond is a podcast that Jo Koy started. Here he shares his unique experiences and honest thoughts, allowing people to know the real him. He also invited fellow comedians and his friends from the industry to narrate their hilarious insights on different topics.

Awards and achievements

Koy’s highly successful career has given him not just money but also recognition and fame. He has taken home several awards and has been nominated for his stellar performances.

  • In 2008, Koy got the Gemini Award for Individual Performance in a Comedy Program or Series. The Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television presented the award for Koy’s show Just For Laughs.
  • In 2022, Jo Koy was named among the “75 Most Influential Filipino-Americans” by Blogtalk with MJ Racadio.

Jo Koy on social media

The popularity of Jo Koy is not limited to the stage as he has a great following on various social networking sites. He is active on all the leading social media platforms like Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

Jo Koy has 4.3 million followers on Facebook and he regularly posts photos and videos. He has a verified Instagram profile and his Insta handle is @jokoy. He has 2.3M Insta followers and 3,500 posts on his account show how frequently he uploads new content.

Jo Koy values his fans and he realizes that they are the reason why he’s successful. So, he responds to their comments and interacts with them amicably.

Facts about Jo Koy

Now that we have revealed Jo Koy net worth, here are some interesting facts about the legend that you might be interested in knowing.

  • Jo Koy has learned Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a combat sport and a kind of martial art. It involves techniques like chokeholds and joint locks to gain dominance over the opponent.
  • Due to his mixed heritage, Jo Koy faced challenges while he was growing up. He has been a victim of racism and those incidents have scarred him when he was a kid.
  • Jo Koy is a charitable person and he has donated large amounts to noble causes. He contributed $75,000 to SIPA (Search to Involve Pilipino Americans). He gave 1.6 million Pilippine pesos for the construction of a concrete road in front of Alangilan National High School.
  • Jo Koy stays in a lavish house he bought in 2022. The 10-bedroom villa has all modern amenities and stunning infrastructure.
  • Jo Koy has a habit of gambling and betting and he has spent a total of $120,000. He has also lost $500,000 in Poker and this has decreased his net worth slightly.

Final thoughts

Joy Koy has been ruling the entertainment industry for more than three decades and has millions of fans. The 52-year-old celeb wears multiple hats – humorist, TV star, and film actor.

Revered for his ability to make people laugh, he has immortalized his name as one of the world’s finest comedians. Joy Koy net worth is a testament to that fact that anybody with humble beginnings can become famous and rich if they have talent.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Jo Koy?

Jo Koy is a well-known American actor and stand-up comedian who recently hosted the Golden Globe Awards 2024. He is a regular panelist on Chelsea Lately who has appeared 140 times on his show.

2. How much is Jo Koy net worth?

Presently, Jo Koy net worth is 15 million dollars, out of which his yearly income is $3 million. He invests in the stock market, has real estate investments, and is still working full-time as a comedian.

3.  Has Jo Koy acted in movies?

Jo Koy got the chance to act in several hit movies like The Tiger’s Apprentice, Chester Blind, Leo, The Monkey King, Haunted Mansion, and Anastasia: Once Upon a Time.

4. Who is Jo Koy dating now?

After his break-up with Chelsea Handler, Jo Koy is single now. He is busy working on the newest shows on Comedy Central and Netflix.

5. What are the best stand-up specials of Jo Koy?

Don’t Make Him Angry and Lights Out are two amazing stand-up specials of Jo Koy and you can watch them on Comedy Central. Comin’ In Hot, Live from Seattle, In His Elements, and Live from the LA Forum are Jo Koy stand-up specials present on Netflix.

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