Jobs for digital marketing graduates

From a direct email from Airbnb to a YouTube video of a new Tesla, digital marketing is all around  us today. The digital medium has become the prime place for modern marketing.

Today any commercial promotion that uses digital channels and technologies could be considered a form of digital marketing. 

These techniques can be used to highlight a product, an item, a service or even a whole brand – it can involve everything from a used car on Facebook Marketplace to a never-ending social media campaign by a whole country.

Digital marketing now encompasses a wide range of marketing tactics and strategies. It could include separate disciplines like social media, direct email, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising and content marketing.

All these techniques use various digital channels and tools to connect and influence a select target audience. The aim is to influence their behaviour in some way – usually to ultimately buy or pay for a commercial product or service.

The digital technique has a big advantage over the traditional marketing channels like billboards, radio and TV commercials, or advertisements in print. Digital marketing can be more accurately targeted and precisely monitored for its effectiveness.

The success (or failure) of digital marketing is much easier to track. It’s much easier for the marketeers to gain valuable feedback on what works and what doesn’t.

Employing digital marketing graduates is becoming increasingly important for all types of businesses. 

More and more of our lives are conducted via digital channels – from booking a holidays to providing better customer experiences when it comes to shopping. 

Another economy that had made strides is the gaming industry, with many senior figures atop gaming developers and franchises keen to adapt to the everchanging marketing landscape through utilising younger generations skillsets to inevitably aid the growth and replay ability of popular online niches. Even genres such as card games with strong player bases need efficient ways to attract new players whether it’s through the use of a poker no deposit bonus or advertising a new platform. 

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We use these channels to discover, research, browse and buy all sorts of products. It’s the logical place to market them too.

Digital marketing is how companies in most industries now present themselves, build brand awareness and loyalty and drive customer sales. They new fresh talented individuals to bolster their digital campaigns – and new graduates are the best place to find them.

So if you are a digital marketing graduate what does this mean for your future career prospects?

The booming world of digital marketing means that there are many career paths open for graduates, depending on their specific skills and interests.

Some of the most popular jobs for digital marketing graduates currently include:

  1. Digital marketing specialist

This is a career that involves executing digital marketing campaigns for an employer. It may include having the responsibility for email marketing, search engine optimisation, social media or content marketing too.

     2.  SEO Specialist

Some graduates choose to specialise in search engine optimisation. This ensures all a brand’s digital output has the maximum chance of appearing near the top of search results.

It’s a skill that involves optimizing the content and structure of web material, using keyword research and careful analysis of data.

A newer global operator like AirBnB cleverly uses SEO. It will ensure the company gets a great response to any search in the accommodation category.

    3. Social Media Manager

This is a career that will be focussed around creating specific social media strategies. The aim of this is to increase engagement with potential customers, increase followers and multiply website traffic as much as possible.

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A global company like Nike has become expert at using social media to promote its brand in a subtle but beneficial way.

     4. Content Marketing Manager

This management role involves being responsible for overseeing a content creation strategy. This can range from using individual blog posts to elaborate and expensive video content.

It’s all designed to attract target audiences to a site, brand or product – and then engage with them to promote the brand.

That’s why a global manufacturer like Pirelli creates content that doesn’t directly promote its products – but brings potential customers closer to the brand. The content spreads the name and image of the company far and wide. 

    5. Email Marketing Manager

An email marketer is working on creating and managing direct email marketing campaigns. 

This can simply be a method of introducing products to new clients, nurturing leads, promoting services or simply building customer loyalty.

     6. Digital Analytics Manager

From analysing and interpreting data to making informed marketing decisions, this job aims to improve the performance of any promotional digital campaign.

     7. E-commerce Manager

Graduates who embark on this career are likely to focus on the management of online sales channels. This often can involve the managing of an e-commerce website to drive commercial sales revenue.

     8. Marketing Automation Specialist

This is a career that revolves around creating marketing automation campaigns using smart technology and artificial intelligence. These sophisticated systems are designed to deliver a targeted message to an audience without human intervention.


A marketing graduate may choose any of these specific paths to follow – or opt to generalise across several of these roles. Ultimately, the best choice for each individual will depend on the candidate’s skills, interests and goals.


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